What To Do In Singapore at Night

What to do in Singapore at night doesn’t actually need to revolve simply around bars and clubs. There are so many options of things to do in Singapore at night that there’s something for everyone whether it’s culture, boat trips, zoos, rooftop views or parties. You’ll find even plenty of things to do with kids in Singapore.


What To Do in Singapore at Night

Night Time Tourist Attractions | Shopping | Local Food Experiences | Sunset Drinks | Boat Trips| Bars & Clubs


Singapore Attractions At Night

Singapore the city that never sleeps, oh no wait that’s New York.

It feels true of Singapore a lot of the time too though with many of its main tourist attractions open at night.


Gardens By the Bay

Gardens By The Bay At Night

Gardens by the Bay are still open in the evening and free to just wander around.

Things To Do In Singapore At Night

I’ve been there both during the day and at night and I’d possibly argue they’re more beautiful at night all lit up with Marina Bay Sands in the background.

Marina Bay Sands At Night

If you really wanted to make it an event of it, you could get there before sunset to go on the OCBC skyway and then go the restaurant by the Supertrees which is the same height as them.

Then you’d be perfectly placed to sit and have a drink while the sunsets and then go down to walk around the gardens afterwards in the dark.


Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo is one of the most famous attractions in Singapore and they have a night safari.

The zoo is lit but soft lighting, no brighter than the full moon, so as not to disturb the animals but also to allow you to be able to see as you go around.

A lot of the animals will be awake and doing their thing. They also put on a creatures of the night show where you can see some of the animals that are awake playing on stage.


Marina Bay Sands Observation Deck

The Marina Bay Sands Observation deck is open till 10pm each day, therefore, it’s still possible to take in this must-see in Singapore and the incredible views across the city at night too.

View From Ce La Vie Bar Marina Bay Sands

There is also a light show that can be seen from the deck at night. The Spectra light and water show is on at Sunday to Thursday: 8pm & 9.30pm; Friday & Saturday: 8pm, 9.30pm & 11pm.

The space where you can see it from is limited though so make sure you get there a while before if you’d like to see it.

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Got a taste for heights? You can even go rock climbing at night in Singapore if you fancy doing something more energetic.



Depending on where in the world you’re from this may sound a bit odd, but shopping malls are an actual thing people go to do as an activity, rather than just for shopping in Singapore.

People hang out there.

One of the main reasons is that in almost all of the big shopping malls if you head downstairs (sometimes they’re up but usually down) they’ll be a food court.

Now if you hear food court in England you run the other way but in Singapore, the food is GOOOOOOOOOOOOD in them.

Really good.

People go there to go for dinner, they’re not just the place that people only eat out of desperation when they’ve been shopping for hours already and feel like they might pass out right that second.

Doesn’t matter what type of food you like, as they’ll be plenty of options from curry to noodles to Malay food to Chinese to western so if there are a few of you, you can all just pick what you’d like and then sit together afterwards.

Hawker Stands Singapore

This meal here cost me just a couple of dollars and was one of the best Thai curries I’ve ever had.

The shops are open really late too so it’s more than feasible to spend an evening shopping in the famous malls of Marina Bay Sands or in Orchard.

If you want a really crazy experience head to the Mustafa Centre near Farrer Park. It’s open 24 hours and it’s by far the biggest department store I’ve ever been to in my life. And I’ve been to the US!

Mustafa Centre

Once you’ve visited The Mustafa Center, if you decide 24-hour shops are your thing, you could even then head on over to Don Don Donki in Orchard which is a 24-hour Japanese supermarket.

No, I’m not sure why anyone would need either of these two shops to be open 24 hours a day either.


Local Food Experiences

There are a lot of wonderful restaurants in Singapore but I’ve focused below on the more local places where you’ll experience more of the Singaporean culture.


Hawker Markets

You can go to hawker markets during the day too so it’s not one of the things to do in Singapore at night that’s exclusive to then but they’re busier at night with locals heading there after work for dinner.

If you haven’t been to one before head to one of the most historic and popular ones at Telok Ayer Market (also known as Lau Pa Sat) which is sat in a beautiful building right in the centre of the city business district.

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There are plenty of places to eat around Chinatown if you’d like to get some Chinese food for dinner.

The famous Michelin Star Hawker stand is also there too.

Hawker Chan


Little India 

Over by the Mustafa center is little India where there are streets and streets of local Indian restaurants. The restaurants mostly aren’t fancy and have open facias with plastic stools to sit on.

Little India Food

But the food is wonderful.

I’ve missed India food almost constantly since I backpacked around India so for me, it’s one of the best places to go.

If you fancy a beer with your meal you may struggle a bit in this area, however. While it’s easy to find beer, and even craft beer in Singapore, everywhere else I think a lot of the restaurants in Little India might not have bothered to get themselves liquor licenses.

I’m not sure. At first I thought they didn’t have it because of religion, as that’s what happens in most of the north of India, but that’s clearly not it as if you ask for a beer, you’ll be shuffled into a dodgy side room with a curtain where they will then happily serve you beer, hidden away from the visible part of the restaurant.

As a solo female, the whole thing made me feel pretty uncomfortable and I would never have done it on my own. The male I was with thought it was one of the best things ever and said it made him feel like Anthony Bourdain.

Funny (sad, I mean sad!) how differently you have to look at travel depending on which sex you are.


Sunset Drinks

There are plenty of places that are great to watch the sunset and catch views over the city in Singapore.

If you’re staying in a modern hotel you’ll more than likely have a bar or view from your room that’s high enough up to catch some great views as the sun goes down but if you fancy heading out there are plenty of options.


Marian Bay Sands Bar – Ce La Vie

If you want to save yourself the fee, and the queues for the Marina Bay Sands observation deck, why not go to Ce La Vie instead.

From there you can have a drink and still watch the sunset and the light show soon after.



This is probably the best bar to watch the sunset from in the whole of Singapore as you can see 360 around the top. You have to buy a ticket  for 1-Altitude to go up but you’ll get drinks included in it too.

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Altitude Sunset

Altitude City View

Boat Trips

Again you can do this during the day too but if you’ve gone over to Marina Bay Sands to watch the light show and walk around the Gardens by the Bay at night why not hop on one of the riverboats that go down the river to get back.

They only cost $25 SGD and it’s so beautiful cruising along there at night.


Bars & Clubs

Haji Lane

Haji Lane is one of my favourite places to go out in Singapore as it feels like it has the most soul to it. The area is bright and vibrant and you can easily hop from Blues café to craft beerhouse to small café while listening to live music.

Haji Lane Nightlife Singapore


Clarke Quay

This is the most touristy area for going out in Singapore. The first time I went to Singapore we had an unexpected layover from 12am- 12pm so I asked at the airport “what to do in Singapore at night”. This is where they sent us.

The bars are rammed even on a Monday and open late.

Clarke Quay Singapore At Night

Robertson Quay

Just down from Clarke Quay, Robertson Quay is best to go to if you’d like to have dinner and then a few relaxed drinks afterwards.


Boat Quay

In the other direction from Robertson Quay, Boat Quay is like Clarke Quay in that it’s quite lively but it’s a lot less touristy. The atmosphere is, therefore, nicer and everything is much more reasonably priced.

Boat Quay

If you’re from England and feeling homesick head to the Penny Black. You’ll feel like you’re sat on the Southbank in London.

English Pub Singapore

Bonus Tip: Go for an evening walk in Singapore.

These three Quay’s aren’t far apart from each other and the walk along the river at night is so beautiful. Plus Singapore is one of the safest country’s in the world so for once you can walk at night as a solo female, wearing whatever you want, and not feel threatened.

Old Hill Street Police Station


Club Street

Again a bit more of a local/ex-pat area club street, in spite of the name, is actually a street full of bars. It’s not far from Chinatown if you want to walk there after some food and there are plenty of different types of bars and pubs all next to each other you’ll be sure to be able to find something you like there.


Got any other “what to do in Singapore at night” recommendations? Let me know in the comments

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