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Celanto Town is a small, sleepy town where the “Enigmas of the Past Prevail”. It features locations such as your home, the Celanto Condominiums, the Celanto Library, the bottom of the Mt. Ignis Cable Car and the Reliquia Ruins.

  • Talk to Mom downstairs. She says there is a Letter left for you asking you to bring an Old Book to the Reliqunia Ruins.
  • Go upstairs and take book from your desk. Mom will give you the running shoes before you leave the house.
  • Head to the right then take the path to the South, pass the Condo (return to this Condo when you have a team of 6 and talk to the fisherman on the 2nd floor for the Good Rod) then to the area with Totems and a large rock.
  • Come back to the condo with a Shuppet and show it to the scientist 2nd floor. He will give you a Dusk Stone.
  • Talk to the Old Lady who will take the book from you.
  • Return to the town. On your way your Mom will stop you and tell you to go to the Library to receive a Pokemon.
  • Go to the Library on the west side of Town and pick from a Turtwig, Chimchar and Piplup.
  • Head west to Archan Town where you will meet up with the Professor and your rival.

Archan Town is another small homestead town which is “Famous for Archaeological Digs”. In this town are locations such as the Prof. Redwood’s Residence, the Relicanth Ancient Tablet and the entrance to the Archan Tunnel.

  • Go to the Professors house. He will give you a care package. Open it to receive a Town Map, Pokedex and a Redwood Card. Talk to him again and he will give you Potions and Pokeballs. Prof. Redwood then asks that you meet him in Archan Tunnel to investigate the earthquakes.
  • Head west to the Archan Tunnel. Your rival will be waiting at the entrance and you will have your first battle with them.
  • Inside the Tunnel a young boy will ask you to find his Weedle, Stinga. (You can find it on the last map after you cross the bridge and head south at the intersection. His mother will appear and give you a Soothe Bell).
  • Exit the Tunnel and you will be met with the Professor and your Rival.

Seros Village is a small village known as “The Rural Heart of Orbtus”. In this town is your Rival’s home, the path to Wisp Forest, the Day-Care and the Seros Gym, lead by Fernando, a Fairy type Leader.

  • Speak with the Professor. He will ask you to help find another entrance to the Tunnel. Your rival suggests you check out the gym.
  • Challenge the Seros Gym and defeat Fernando.
  • After you defeat Fernando, he will run away to Wisp Forest and refuse to give you the badge.
  • After you retrieve Fernando from deep in Wisp Forest the Day-Care Man will give you HM01-Cut. If you return to the spot where you found Fernando in Wisp Forest and Cut down the bushes to the south, you will find TM10 Hidden Power behind the Hex Maniac trainer.
  • Return to the Gym and speak with Fernando to receive TM03 Charming Cry.
  • Use Cut on the trees near the entrance to Archan Tunnel. (To the left of the normal entrance, behind the Gym)
  • Go inside with the Professor and look at the Ancient Tablet.
  • Head to Aerous City to find Herschel.
  • Aerous Road has two hidden grottos: One contains Growlithe. You need Surf to access it. The other is in the northwest corner of the square patch the girl trainer is in. It contains a Venonat.

Aerous City is a small water-side city known as “The Cultural Capital City”. In this city are interesting locations such as the Aerous Art Club, the Bicycle shop, the Name-Rater’s home, Oppos’ house, Aerous City port to Sabulo Island and the Aerous City Museum.

  • In one of the houses, there is a man who asks for a letter that captures “the essence of the sea.” If you head north from the city into Archan Hills, you’ll find Oppos’ house (man who does opposite battles) and a harbor mail located right above his house. Head back to the city and give it to the guy so he can write to his girlfriend and he’ll hand you TM34 Shockwave.
  • Go to the Museum and speak with the person blocking the entrance. Battle him and then go inside and head toward the stairs and battle the Mysterious Grunt.This is the introduction of the

    New Elders


  • After they all leave, you will see an orange seat. If you face the wall, it will ask you for a code, which is 1104. DO NOT go in there at this time. It contains a Pokemon trainer with a team of 6 pokemon, all level 60. Careful, if you come back and beat him, he resets directly after the fight. Nuzlockers, beware!
  • Now, the art cafe is open. Go upstairs to get a Nugget from the guy eating at the counter and then head downstairs for some battles. These trainers will all have Smeargles. Upon beating the artist, Vincent, he will give you an Egg with an Eevee inside.
  • In the house above the Pokecenter, there’ll be a guy who will sell you a special item for $5000. Buy it; he’s selling you an Amulet Coin.
  • Now you can finally go talk to Herschel who will automatically take you back to the Ancient Tablet.
  • Get HM06 Rock Smash from the Professor and proceed through the new path. Along this path, you’ll find the TM 21 Frustration.
  • Once you exit the tunnel, you can head south to reach Archan Town again or head right. However, now that you have Cut, you can access the small area in Archan town that has the hidden grotto. Inside will be TM 39 Rock Tomb.
  • While travelling Nestpine Climb, be sure to check stumps and rocks for hidden items. A few of them hold items such as shards or Calcium. Along the way, there will be a hidden grotto with a lv15 Maractus inside.

Nestpine Town is a small town known as “The Mountainside Nest on Mt. Ignis”. In this town are the Move Deleter’s home, the entrance to Frostbite Cave and the Nestpine Gym, lead by Aria the Flying type leader.

  • Head over to the gym where your Rival waits outside for you.
    • After you defeat them they will give you the Exp. Share.
  • Enter the Gym and battle your way through and to the gym leader Aria.
  • Go through Frostbite Cave to Windmist City.
  • When you get Surf and Waterfall, you might want to check the small lake at the end of Nestpine Climb.

Mt. Ignis



  • Be sure to check the colorful rocks for items!
  • Go through Frostbite Cave.
  • Fight the New Elders.
  • Challenge

    Elder Knight Eunice


  • Exit the cave at Windmist City.
  • Buy the SecretPotion from the Knick Knack Shop for P500.
  • Go North to Windmist Summit.
  • Travel through the summit until reaching Ignis Roost.
  • Battle the New Elders.
  • Enter Apex Temple.
  • Battle the New Elders Grunts and then confront

    Elder Knight Enoch


  • After they leave, check the book at the back of the room.
  • Return to Windmist City.

Windmist City is a very snowy town near the top of Mt. Ignis and is known as “An Icy Pocket in the Mountain”. This town includes locations such as the Windmist Timber Guild, Windmist Knick-knack Store, an entrance to Frostbite Cave, the top of the Mt. Ignis Cable Car and the Windmist Gym, lead by Nina the Fire type leader.

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Once you return from battling the New Elders at Apex Temple:

  • Challenge the Gym Leader (Fire type).
  • Get the Ember Badge from Leader Nina.
  • Prof. Redwood will meet you as you exit the gym.
    • He will let you know his machine that revives fossils is working.
    • He will give you a bike voucher for the bike shop in Aerous City.
    • He will offer to take you to Aerous City (you will be teleported right to the S.S. Wake) or you can choose to stay and train some more.
  • Proceed to Aerous City to catch the ferry to Sabulo Island.
    • Ferryman will battle you first (lvl 25 Mantine).

Sabulo Island is a small island known as “The Isle of Potential” with the main town in the center (including Sabulo Tower), grass to the west (Sabulo Cross) and a boardwalk to the Sabulo Cave to the east.

  • Talk to the fisherman in the house to the left as you walk off the ferry. He will battle you for his prized fishing rod (the Good Rod).
  • Head to the Sabulo Tower and battle your way to the top to battle Successor Belle.
    • You will receive a Mega Ring.
  • As you exit the Tower, Sabulo Cave will shake with an explosion and Regirock will exit the cave.
    • Belle will heal your Pokemon and ask you to check out the cave.
  • Elder Knight Enoch will be at the cave entrance with Regirock and send two grunts to battle you then battle you himself.
    • After your battle the group will capture Regirock and flee.
  • Enter the cave and in the furthest room will be a ball with a Ragged Map. Your rival will arrive and look at the map with you. They will show you that the map has an X on it- showing the Knight`s next location.
    • Your Rival will give you the HM03-Surf.
    • They will leave and meet up with you in Valoon Town.
  • As you leave the boardwalk Belle will meet you and thank you. She will give you a pokemon with a mega stone (it will be a lvl 25 Kanto starter of the typing that was not chosen originally by you or your rival).
  • Teach a Pokemon Surf and head South, following Sharpgust Span -> Southsea Stretch then to Valoon Town.

Valoon Town is a town at one with nature and known as “A Habitat for Pokemon and People”. It is the home to the Rangers’s HQ, the Blue Shard Meister’s house, the entrance to the Telmurk Swamp and the Valoon Gym, lead by Vernon the Bug type leader.

  • The path through Valoon Way to Valoon Town is a long trek! (Stock up on repels or potions) As soon as you make landfall there will be a Nurse who will battle you then offer to heal your Pokemon continuously afterwards.
  • Once you enter Valoon Town a group of Rangers will mention they are all heading to Nemesis Cave.
    • Head north of town to Nemesis Cave. Once inside keep heading to the Northeast corner of the cave. At the back will be a Lileep tablet like those in the other towns.
    • A Ranger will appear and explain they are researching into the tablet and then will invite you to enter their Bug-Catching Contest.
  • Head back to town and enter the Bug-Catching Contest in the Ranger HQ.
    • They will make you deposit all but one of your Pokemon so don’t forget to go back to a PC and get your team!
    • After you compete in the Contest the Gym Leader will return to his gym.
  • Head to the Gym and challenge Gym Leader Vernon- a Bug type specialist.
  • Once you exit the Gym your Rival will meet you and give you a gas mask to get through the Telmurk Swamp.
  • Head east towards Telmurk City.
    • in the 2nd floor of the gatehouse there is an old man who will trade a Zangoose for a Spiritomb.

Telmurk City is a very large urban city, known as “The Modern City on the Marsh”. It houses locations such as the Telmurk City Game Corner, Ms. Murkrow’s Special PokeBalls, the Telmurk Department Store, Telmurk Warehouses, the Underground Path leaving Telmurk City and the Telmurk Gym, lead by Sid the Poison type leader.

  • Head through Telmurk Swamp to the city. Just before you enter the city you will see the Battle Marsh building with your Rival waiting out front. They will heal your team and battle you.
  • As you and your Rival enter the city you are approached by a Biker Akuto- the leader of the Mighty Mightyenas- a gang who “run the city”.
    • Your Rival will leave you and meet up again in the Department store.
    • The Gym is closed until you can deal with the Mighty Mightyenas.
  • Head up the tall stairs to the east of the PokeCenter then down the other side and into the first house. You will come across one of the Bikers speaking to a woman.
    • Defeat him and leave the house. When you do Akuto will be waiting outside with two grunts.
    • Defeat all three and Akuto will give you the HM02-Fly.
  • Head to the Gym and defeat Sid, the Poison-type Gym leader.
  • Once you leave the Gym you will see your Rival and a Mighty Mightyena member about the New Elders
    • The member will tell you about the Registeel and that the New Elders were heading to a Cave in the North to awaken it (Ferre Ruins).
  • Head through the Underground Path that is in the Northeast corner of the city and head to Ferre Ruins.
    • As you come out the other end of the Path Herschel will meet up with you. He will give you HM05-Rock Climb. This will allow you to head up those odd rock looking parts of the rock walls. There have been several paths you’ve already passed, so you may want to go back and look around the areas you’ve already been through.
    • When you get to the beach, rather then surfing head to the right and you will see the cave entrance.
  • There will be many New Elder grunts scattered through the cave so stock up on items!
  • Head down 2 floors and you will come across Ezekiel- one of the leaders of the New Elders. He will lock himself behind a wall and you must solve the puzzle to open it.
    • The code is 4519 written in Braille.
  • Ezekiel will battle you once you enter the door.
  • Once you defeat Ezekiel get out of the cave and your Rival will be waiting outside.
    • They will heal your team for you.
    • They will confirm that the New Elders have all 3 Regi’s- Regirock, Regice and Registeel.
    • They will mention the new Gym Leader at Precimos Island and let you know they will meet you there.
  • Head north and Surf through the Precimos Strait to Precimos Island.
  • Precimos Island

This beautiful island is a vacation resort island known as “The Sunny Resort Island” and includes locations such as the Precimos Hotel, diving tour shop, Mrs. Move’s shop and the Precimos Gym, lead by Will the Psychic type leader.

  • The Dive shop and Hotel are blocked for now, so head to the Gym.
    • Will, the Gym leader, is new to town but is still a Psychic Gym Leader.
  • When you defeat Gym Leader Will head to the Hotel on the east side of the island.
  • Go through the top floor and check all the room to defeat everyone on the floor.
    • When you finish defeating everyone on the floor, the last trainer (waiting in front of a door in the last row) will fight you, then let you into the “Boss’s” room.
    • Fight the grunt in the room- but don’t wake the sleeping Boss!
    • Once you wake up the sleeping man with your battle he will come over and battle you himself.
    • On the table is the Tablet Idol.
      • It is supposed to be delivered to Atsail City Lab.
      • You are very kind and offer to deliver it for him.
    • He will heal your team and head back to bed.
  • When you leave the Hotel, your Rival will be waiting for you outside to battle.
    • After your battle he suggests heading to the Diving Tours.
  • When the two of your get your tickets for a Diving Tour the tour group leader will give you the HM08-Dive.
    • Dive down where the group is on Precimos Depths, head west then rise and dive again, keep heading west. Rise again and head west/south until the last dive circle, dive down and head north, then west. Rise again then head west and you will reach Edashore Reach.

This town is a rocky, multi leveled town with many unique outdoor shops, the “Host of the Meteor Festival” and home of the Edashore Observatory. To the East is the Gyarados Bridge which leads to Atsail City, and to the West is the Edamist Heights which connect to the mountain area near Windmist City.

  • To get to the town, head through the trails of Edashore Reach to the Cosmic Caverns.
    • On the first floor is a Nurse who will battle you once, then offer to heal your Pokemon continuously afterwards.
    • To head to the exit of the caverns, head down the right path and follow the path through the cave.
  • Once you reach Edashore Town you will see the villagers gather in the northern part of town. Head to the Town’s main square and you will find the villagers meeting for the annual Meteor Festival where the Edashore Clefairy will preform the Meteor Dance.
    • The ceremony is interrupted by the Clefairy and an earthquake.
    • The Town Elder will ask you to help convince the Clefairy to finish the ceremony.
    • After reading a tome about the Clefairy, the Elder will ask you to check Cosmic Caverns for the Clefairy.
  • Head South, back to the Cosmic Caverns, and enter the cavern floor with the gem path. Head to the northern part of the floor where you will find a cave entrance on the back wall.
    • When you enter the Clefairy will startle and move.
    • You must carefully approach the Clefairy from the correct side 5 times before it will let you approach it. If you choose the wrong side, the Clefairy will reset and send you back out of the cave.
      • Approach from the top, bottom, bottom, top and lastly, walk into the area surrounded by crystals. After you talk to the Clefairy it will agree to return home.
    • When you return back to town and the festival is over, the Elder will give you a Master Ball in thanks for finding the Clefairy and saving the ceremony.
  • After checking out the shops in town, head east to the Gyarados Bridge and battle your way across. When you reach the other side you will be in Atsail City.

Atsail City is a large port city – “Connecting Orbtus with the World”. The city houses such locations such as the Game Freak HQ, the Atsail Cold Storage, Atsail Laboratory and the Atsail Gym, lead by Marina the Water Gym Leader.

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  • When you reach the city head to the Gym and defeat the Gym Leader Marina.
    • You will need the HM-Surf and HM-Dive for this Gym.
    • When you defeat Marina she will meet up with you at the Laboratory.
  • Head to the Laboratory and speak with Marina.
    • She will take the Tablet Idol from you.
    • She lets you know she is working with the Professor on the earthquake issue and that the Tablet Idol is necessary for their research.
  • When you exit the Laboratory your Rival will be waiting outside.
    • They explain they defeated a suspicious looking person outside of the Atsail Cold Storage and asks that you meet up with them there.
    • Battle your way through the Trainers to meet up with your Rival.
    • They let you know the grunts can’t open the door without the forklift key and that it will be like “”
      • This clue will take you north of the city to Loamas Fields which is a rural-like area.
      • Head to the large barn in Loamas Fields and check all of the hay bales for the key-card.
      • Return to the Cold Storage and move the forklift with the key. The grunt will move the forklift and you can continue through the Cold Storage.
    • Head straight to the left then down and you will see your Rival. You both go hide behind crates to listen in on the Elder Knight’s meeting.
      • The Elder Knight’s leaders are meeting with Morgana, their leader.
      • Morgana explains they will be beginning the final stage of their plan at Ignis Roost.
  • As you and your Rival exit the Cold Storage you will be met outside by Prof. Redwood and Marina.
    • Your Rival suggests you should pursue them to Apex Temple.
    • You will be given the option to travel with the group to Apex Temple immediately or stay to train and make your way to the temple on your own.
      • Keep in mind your next battle will involve Pokemon around level 50 so make your choice here.
  • You, Marina, Prof. Redwood and your Rival arrive at Apex Temple to see that it is much snowier then before.
  • Morgana will arrive and battle with you.
    • While you have been battling Morgana, her team has infiltrated the Atsail Laboratory to take the Tablet Idol in order to retreave Regigigas.
  • The exit to the temple collapse after your battle so you must find the .
    • Talk to Marina who is at the back wall of the temple. She will use her Gyarados to open the tunnel.
  • Head down into the tunnel.
    • Follow the path and approach the first statue.
    • You will enter a dream-like battle with Regigigas using Regirock.
    • When you win Marina will approach you and say the rock blocking the path disappeared.
    • The path splits, take the bottom route and head down the ladder.
    • Approach the second statue and you enter another battle with Regigigas using Regice.
      • When you defeat it, the rock blocking your path will disappear.
      • Go through the open path and open the treasure chest which holds the Relic Crown.
    • Head down the ladder and at the split path head North. You will find the final statue where you battle Regigigas with Registeel.
      • Go through the now open path and open the treasure chest with the TM02-Dragon Claw
    • Go back to the place where Marina is and take the other path you past by before.
      • The rock blocking you is now gone. You can follow the path and find the treasure chest and receive the Jade Orb.
    • Go back to Marina, then go back down the original ladder to the South, follow the path and again take the ladder down. Follow the path and rather then head North to the statue again, head South and down the multitude of ladders.
      • Follow the path and you will find the cave exit which is when the others will catch up with you.
  • When you exit the temple you come out at Ignis Valley.
    • The Professor leaves to study the tomes while you, your Rival and Marina are flown back to Atsail City.
  • Marina explains that the Elders of Orbtus had sealed Regigigas away. The move is needed to unlock Regigigas and the only person who knows the move is the current – Hershel.
    • She explains you can learn the move from Herschel after you obtain the 8th badge from Loamas Town.
    • Marina gives you the HM04-Strength to use.
  • Head North through the farmland, trainers and Mareep to Loamas Town.

Loamas Town is a fairly large farming town, known as “The Argicultural Engine of Orbtus. In this town are points such as Sgt. Stone’s house, the Winston Family house, entrance to Ikos Canynon and the Loamas Gym lead by Richter the Ground type leader.

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  • When you arrive to town, head to the Gym and battle Richter, the Ground Gym Leader.
    • You will need HM04-Strength to pass through the Gym.
  • Head West and enter Ikos Canyon towards Ikos Town.
    • This is a long trek so stock up on items.
    • There are many Rock Climb/Rock Smash areas and fossils in the desert so bring your HM pokemon along.
  • As you are about to exit Ikos Canyon your Rival will catch up with you, heal your team, then battle you.
    • They let you know the Professor has found information on the Key Tablet which is located in Ignis Valley.
    • They say they will meet you in Ikos Town.

Ikos Town is a quaint town which serves as the “Last Stop Before the League”. Along with the Victory Falls entrance to the Victory Road, this town is also home to Herschel -the current Pokemon League Champion-, the Red Shard Meister’s house and several entrances to the Ikos Ruins.

  • When you enter the town head to Herschel’s home on the raised center of the town.
    • Herschel explains that he will not teach you the move.
  • You and your Rival leave the home and a large earthquake occurs.Your rival comments that it seems like it came from Ignis Valley and suggests you both investigate.
  • Head to Ignis Valley, a rocky, desert like place with many totems and fossils.
    • There are many trainers and New Elder grunts so make sure to stock up on items!
    • Follow the path along, when you get to your first Grunt there are two paths, the path to the West will take you to Windmist City (where you can heal if you need to), and to the East will be the path you take to defeat more grunts.
  • While walking in the area of Ignis Valley with the grunts you will come across Morgana and the three Elder Knights standing before a large Tablet.
    • She sends them to guard the other three Tablets you have come across in your journey.
    • She will battle you when you and your Rival approach her.
    • After you defeat her you realize her Salamence knows the move .
    • She explains the tome you gave her in the beginning contained the information to learn the move.
  • Morgana will use her Salamence on the Ho-oh Tablet and it will break the seal.
  • Herschel will appear after the seal is broken and teleport you back to his home.
    • He explains Morgana will have been transported to and that there are three pieces that make up the second Key Tablet.
    • Your Rival suggests the other three tablets you have seen may be those pieces.
    • Herschel will give you his Alakazam who can Teleport you to each of the Tablets to activate them.
  • Talk to the Alakazam. It will offer choices to teleport to.When you finished at each location, talk to the Alakazam again to move to the next location.
    • Teleport to each location and defeat the New Elders. When you defeat them, talk to the Tablet and collect the Idol in the hidden chamber for each one.
      • Eunice will be at the Relicanth Tablet in Archan Town.
      • Enoch will be at the Tangrowth Tablet in Seros Village.
      • Ezekiel will be at the Lileep Tablet in Nemesis Cave.
  • Head back to Herschel’s house after you gather all three Idols and he will construct the Tablet Idol.
    • He informs you the Elders of Orbtus had left a final fail-safe but it is located on Katosurf Island.
    • Herschel asks that you go to battle Morgana and will teleport you to Ignis Valley so that you may use the Tablet Idol to travel to Katosurf Island.
      • Keep in mind Morgana’s team are now level 55-57.
  • Battle Morgana’s team.
  • After you defeat her she will use the Regi’s to summon Regigigas.
  • Morgana will battle you with each of the Regi’s.
    • They will be level 55.
  • After your battle the three Regi’s will flee and Regigigas will return to its dormant state.
  • Herschel arrives with the authorities and explains he was able to use the to stop the Regi’s.
  • The police take Morgana away and you and Herschel leave the cavern, returning to Ikos Town.
    • Herschel will wish you well on your final journey- to the League- and will give you the HM07-Waterfall.
  • After Herschel leaves, your Rival appears and says they too have all eight badges and will meet you on Victory Road.
  • Congratulations! You have made it to the last leg of your journey! Victory Road is a long beautiful path featuring an autumn-like setting full of trainers.
    • You will need Waterfall and Surf and it is recommended to bring along Rock Smash, Cut, Dive and Rock Climb as there are several areas with items to retrieve.
    • Half way through the route, a Nurse will battle you and afterwards continuously offer to heal your team.
  • As you approach the last waterfall your Rival will appear for your final battle with them.
  • Continue up the waterfall and forward to the Pokemon League!
  • You have made it! Hooray! Heal your team and stock up on items. Make sure you are able to in-game save before you battle the league or else you will miss out on returning after you become Champion.
  • It’s time for the Elite Four. (From left to right)
    • Elite Four Nicola (Electric type Leader).
    • Elite Four Knight (Dark type Leader).
    • Elite Four Kara (Fighting type Leader).
    • Elite Four Leif (Grass type Leader).
  • After you defeat the Elite Four battle the Champion Herschel!
    • Watch out for his lvl 60 Mega Salamance!
  • Congratulations! You are now the Orbtus Pokemon Champion!
    • Thank you to all who made this very fun game possible!
  • After you open your game again you will be back home in Calento. “Prof. Redwood” appears outside your home to remind you of all the awesome things you can do post-game (until v.4 is out!) including finding all the hidden grottoes, finding all the hidden items, battling in the

    Battle March

    near Telmurk City and filling in the Dex.

  • Have fun, happy hunting and enjoy the rest of this wonderful game!
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