Tsumugi Kotobuki

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Tsumugi Kotobuki (aka, Mugi) is one of the main protagonists of the K-ON! series, she plays the keyboard.


She is shown to read people’s thoughts, this was displayed when she read Azusa’s and later Ben’s.

She is known to be a rich girl and her eyebrows are takuwan pickles according to Tsumugi, Yui would often pick one out. She, along with the rest of the Light Music Club, also appeared in Liam’s Adventures of Pokemon the Series.


Tsumugi has long, wavy blonde hair, sapphire-blue eyes, and a very fair complexion different from the other girls of HTT. She also has thick yellow-brown eyebrows that resemble her father’s.

Her attires consist of skirts over pants and high-society lady styles, such as elegant one-piece dresses.

Like all Sakuragaoka High School students, Tsumugi wears a school uniform. The Sakuragaoka uniform consists of a navy blue blazer, a solid white buttoned shirt (under the blazer), a colored ribbon (different colors for different student years, Tsumugi’s year is light blue), a light steel blue skirt, stockings or socks (Tsumugi’s are white), and maroon shoes. The summer uniform replaces the blazer with a beige waistcoat. Additionally, the subject physical education requires a tracksuit (sport jacket with long pants, colored again depending on the year group) with white striped brims, a white shirt with colored endings (again colored regarding the year group) for the summer semester and white sports shoes.

Tsumugi’s “Don’t say ‘lazy’” attire consists of a long dress. Its lower half is striped black and white while its upper half is plain black, accompanied by black frills at the top. On each arm, she wears a long, tight black glove. She also wears plain light green stockings and circle-shaped green earrings. Her hair is being tied into a round bun.

Tsumugi’s “Listen!!” attire consists of a black and white striped shirt with a symbol of a heart on it, accompanied by a long, baggy white skirt and a black jacket with a pair of white high-heeled shoes. She also wears a sailor’s hat. One half of her hair is being tied to a curly ponytail while the other parts are left untied.

In “NO, Thank You!, Tsumugi’s attire is similar to any school uniform dress code. Her attire is very similar to the Sakuragaoka High School uniform – navy blue blazer and a white buttoned shirt (under the blazer). The only parts different are a “HTT-logo” pinned to her blazer, a plaid grey skirt, a red tie, a grey waistcoat, dark blue socks and her black shoes. Her attire appears a bit disheveled, with the tie being disorderly tied and the shirt being messily buttoned. Her jacket isn’t buttoned either.

Tsumugi’s second attire in “NO, Thank You!. She wears a red shirt underneath a pink one with a violet and a green button on it. She also wears flouncy, violet shorts over dark-violet tights. Her hair is tied with a violet ribbon to a ponytail which falls down over her right shoulder.

Tsumugi’s “Singing” attire. Like the rest of the band, she wears a light blue one-piece dress over a white shirt. The skirt goes down to her knees. The dress has four white dots over the chest, a white bow and a white collar. Additionally, Tsumugi wears black shoes with white shoelaces over long white socks, which have red and blue stripes on them. Her hair is tied into two neat ponytails that are decorated with white bows abreast her ears.

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Tsumugi’s second attire in “Singing”. She wears a black-white jacket that is mostly unzipped and has “Rock ‘n Roll” written on its back, a multicolored bra, a white, baggy skirt and black and white shoes. Her hair is tied to a long ponytail, fixed with a pink hair tie. She also wears a large blue orb as an earring.


She is a wealthy girl who has a sweet and gentle personality. She has been considered a piano prodigy since she was four, and has won many piano recital contests. As the daughter of a company president, Mugi and her family own several villas in various places around Japan (and even one in Finland, much to Ritsu, Azusa and Ui’s surprise when they tried to contact her at home).

She is childish and really sweet to others, and thinking the club was funny and exciting which made her join the Light Music Club. She is known to get captivated by anything that fantasize as “yuri” according to the anime and the manga.

She is a wealthy girl who has a sweet and gentle personality. She has been considered a piano prodigy since she was four, and has won many piano recital contests. As the daughter of a company president, Mugi and her family own several villas in various places around Japan (and even one in Finland, much to Ritsu, Azusa and Ui’s surprise when they tried to contact her at home).

She often brings sweets and confectioneries to her friends, which usually ends up distracting them from practicing. The tea set and the tea which they drink often are unusually high in price. Although she is a sweet and gentle girl, she is often entranced by the sight of two girls interacting closely together, sometimes imagining something more risque.

She originally intended to join the choir club, but after Ritsu’s false flashback of promising to start a band and seeing Ritsu and Mio’s silly interaction, she decided to join the Light Music Club instead. Mugi displays a rebellious streak occasionally, due to her wanting to deviate from her wealthy nature, and diverts from a well-behaved and mature demeanor to the surprise of others.

She also has a habit of getting a little too enthusiastic about experiencing new things that the others take for granted (such as ordering fast food, eating yakisoba at a festival, and purposely provoking Mio to hit her), since she has little opportunity to experience them with her high status.

Despite being wealthy, she tried her hand at a part-time job at a fast-food restaurant. While a lot of things do not bother her, she is fairly conscious about her weight (just like Mio), and she gets a bit anxious when her family’s staff start spoiling her friends during villa visits.


Tai Kamiya


Mimi Tachikawa

She and Mimi are both alike; they come from a wealthy family

Cody Hida


Arthur Mizu


Izzy Izumi


Matt Ishida


Kenna Deng


Sora Takenouchi


Jaden Mizu


Cody Tsunami


Yolei Inoue


Kari Kamiya


Davis Motoiya


Ken Ichijouji


Joe Kido


T.K. Takashi


Omari Deng



Mugi’s Digimon partner. He loves her sweets and her tea, especially the macarons and cakes.

Agent Ben Rockefeller


Tsumugi first met this young beginning trainer with a Pichu from Valencia Island.

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Tsumugi first met the young trainer en route to Dewford Island.

Ash Ketchum

In Brave the Wave!, Mugi once scolded Ash for acting like a jerk by pushing Treecko too hard and taking it for granted, but she forgave him after he apologized to everyone.

Oscar Daisy

Professor Oak

Sydney Tidal

Carver Descartes


Todd Snapp

Gary Oak


Tracey Sketchit



She loves Brock’s cooking. She also seems to care deeply for Brock, as shown in Same Old Song and Dance! where she dragged an exhausted Brock off the stage and saying that he’s done enough already, the crowd cheered when they saw Mugi revealing that they were a huge fan of the Light Music Club, she carried him off stage, just as Brittany performed her song.












She loves Serena’s PokéPuffs












She is fascinated by Clemont’s inventions


Upon their first meeting, Bonnie immediately proposed to Mugi, asking her to marry her brother and take care of him, saying that she is a keeper much to the dismay and embarrassment of Clemont.







Azusa Nakano

Azusa finds Tsumugi to be very beautiful, and envies her hair and large eyes, and has started teaching her how to play guitar when the two are alone in the club room. She also finds Tsumugi’s snacks to be delicious and has enjoyed eating them.

She was shocked to find out that Tsumugi’s house had a housekeeper and was impressed with the villa that Tsumugi borrowed for the girls during the band’s second training camp.

In the manga, before the final exams, Tsumugi and Azusa are often the only two to show up to the club room, with the others studying at home. In this time, they strengthen their friendship, with Azusa teaching Tsumugi to play guitar

Mio first met Tsumugi when Tsumugi originally intended to join the choir club. Tsumugi later joined the Light Music Club only after witnessing the “fun and painful interaction” between Mio and Ritsu. Mio and Tsumugi have been good friends, but sometimes Mio finds that Tsumugi “betrays” her. For example, when taking a vote to either to play at the beach or to practice, Tsumugi decided to play along with both Ritsu and Yui against Mio’s wishes.

Like Mio, Tsumugi is very concerned about her weight, and both are jealous about Yui’s fast metabolism


Tsumugi first met this young rookie trainer from New Bark Town,




She first met Van-Lily when she was a Vanillite, her bond deepened with Van-Lily after it evolved


Gary Oak





Ritsu Tainaka

Ritsu first met Tsumugi when Tsumugi originally intended to join the choir club. Tsumugi later joins Light Music Club only after witnessing the “fun and painful interaction” between Ritsu and Mio.

Ritsu was shocked speechless when she first found out in a phone conversation with Azusa that Tsumugi’s house had a housekeeper.

Ritsu has always been polite to Tsumugi. The only exception was when Tsumugi suggested that if Ritsu was a male, she would be really popular among girls. It was the one and only time Ritsu shouted at and hit Tsumugi on the head, but no lasting harm was done. (Given that Tsumugi specifically requested to be hit in the episode/chapter, Tsumugi might provoked Ritsu on purpose)

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Tsumugi treasures her friendship with Ritsu. On one occasion where they ended up hanging out together, Ritsu brought Tsumugi to commoners’ places like tuck shops and an arcade, as she knows that Tsumugi, being a rich girl, might not have visited those places before. Ritsu had once said that even if Mio is not available, she still has Tsumugi to tutor her in her studies

Ryan, her Cranidos

Sawako Yamanaka

Dora Marquez


Lilo Pelekai







Mugi first met Yui back in the Light Music Club room and spoiled her with sweets and tea so that she would be interested in joining the club. After Yui joined, Mugi did quite a lot of kind things for Yui, such as lowering the cost of the guitar Yui wanted to buy.

Yui always wanted to taste more of Mugi’s sweets, and still can’t wait to eat them. It is said that, without Mugi’s snacks, Yui wouldn’t be able to play the guitar properly.

Like Mio, Mugi is concerned about her weight and can sometimes get very annoyed when she sees Yui’s fast metabolism. She also gets jealous of Yui not gaining any weight whatsoever, revealing to Mio that she gained some (along with Mio), and both of them began to cry as a result, Ritsu scolds Yui and told her to apologise to them.

She once scolded Yui for her laziness.

She met the Technorganic Keyblade wielder at her home in the K-ON! world long before she joined the Light Music Club.

Tsumugi Kotobuki’s Pokemon

In Rotation/on hand


At Home

Given Away

Traded Away

Future Capture

Digimon Partner

  • MetalKoromon —> Kapurimon → Jazamon → Jazardmon → Jazarichmon
  • Metallicdramon
    • Alternatively it can digivolve into this form.
    • Jazamon → Komondomon → Locomon → GrandLocomon


  • In Liam’s Adventures of Pokemon the Series, Tsumugi will appear in Securing the Future! where she, along with Mio, Azusa, Ritsu, Sawako, Nodoka Manabe, Ui, Yui and Jun is shown to join the rest of Alola in showering Necrozma with light so it could return to its normal form.
  • She comes in Possession of the Crest of Charity
  • She kissed Ryan F-Freeman as a test subject for the mermaid rehearsal for the episode The Misty Mermaid (RFFAoPIL).
  • In Ryan F-Freeman’s Adventures Series of Digimon Tamers, while Mugi is one of Ryan’s allies, she was unable to do the biomerging either, so instead her Digimon digivolved instead of biomerging. By the finale of Digimon Tamers, she leaves Jazamon behind who had regenerated back all the way to Kapurimon, its In-Training stage, so it can go back to the Digital World, resulting her to quit being a Digidestined in the process, and went back into being a Pokemon trainer alongside Yui and the others who had also quit being Digidestined as well.
  • In Liam’s adventures of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, she has her rabbit Miraculous that allows her to change into Bunnugi.

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