Top 10 Suggested Thai BL Series (even for someone who’s unfamiliar with them)

For anyone who doesn’t know, BL (which stands for Boys’ Love) is the umbrella term for anything that has to do with boy-to-boy relationships. A BL series therefore is a series which features or most of the time centers on male characters who have romantic feelings for each other. In Thailand, such type of series are becoming more and more popular with BL couples and ships taking over the country’s top spots of shipped couples in surveys. More entertainment companies in Thailand have produced such type of series and are raking in revenues from Fan Meetings, merchandise and photo books of their most shipped BL couples. 

I, for one, am a Y girl (or a girl who likes BL) but was just limited to yaoi (the Japanese anime equivalent of BL series). It wasn’t until this year that I discovered Thailand’s secret treasure, the multitude of good quality BL series. Even while I was reviewing for the bar exam these light-hearted short series gave me life and something to do while I was on break. They became my reward when I finish my coverage and punishment whenever I don’t because I couldn’t watch them if I don’t finish my quota for the day. They were my little escape to happiness during my hermit days and my “kilig” during a time when all love was lost from my mind. 

In order to share the joy that these series have brought to me these past months, I will list my top 10 Thai BL series below and arrange them in order for those who are still new to the genre starting from the most non-BL centered to the most intense one (at least from what I have watched) along with a short commentary and description of the main BL characters of the series. Spoiler alert, I might not be able to control myself while writing and will spill bits of the series plot and specific episodes so I apologize before hand. Anyway, here are my top 10 Thai BL series as of November 2018. For a synopsis of the series, click on the corresponding series titles. A link for the episode playlists for each series is also provided below. Enjoy!

Watch all episodes here

Probably the most non-BL centered of all that I have watched so far. The main couple is a boy and girl couple while the BL couple is just a side couple. My Dear Loser: Edge of 17 centers on a boy who is branded as a loser by his classmates and is being bullied by a group of boys in his school. He has a crush on the most popular girl who unfortunately is dating his number one archenemy and bully. Eventually, as most teenage romantic series do, the loser gets the girl and the villain gets the dirt but that’s not the story we’re here for, isn’t it? Here we are focusing on the side BL couple, In and Sun. 

Despite being just on the side lines, this couple has more fans than the main one maybe because their story tugs more at the heart strings than that of the main couple and not just because they’re a BL one. In and Sun had to go through more challenges than their main counterpart because In was a former bully who constantly tortured Sun ever since he transferred to their school. They eventually got close until Sun fell for him but In at that time liked their common friend who was a girl. It was a roller coaster ride just watching their relationship develop from enemies, to friends, to strangers and eventually to unofficial lovers (because In is still unsure of his feelings for Sun even until the end of the series). 

In is played by actor Pleum while Sun is played by actor Chimon.

For anyone who is just beginning their journey to BL land (5555) this is the series you’d have to start with.

2. Senior Secret Love: Puppy Honey Season 1 and Season 2 (PickRome)

Watch all episodes here:
Secret Love Puppy Honey Season 1
Secret Love Puppy Honey Season 2

Senior Secret Love: Puppy Honey was actually the first Thai BL series that I watched and I’ve been in love with it’s BL couple, Pick and Rome, ever since. In fact, they’re my favorite couple of all time trumping Amy and Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory. The best part is that the actors for the BL couple in this series (Off and Gun) are very close friends in real life and they have so many clips on Youtube that will make you believe they can be a couple for real. All their shippers, including me, earnestly hope so. 

From Left to Right: Pick (Off) and Rome (Gun); Emma (Cherreen) and Porsche (Kang)

Anyway, going back to the series, the main couple is a boy and girl one (Porsche and Emma) but unlike My Dear Loser: Edge of 17, I liked this couple as much as I liked the BL couple who is the second main. What is good about this series is that the two main couples’ relationships were well-developed. Both couples went through a series of different but similar experience of ups and downs before they could eventually get their happy ending which for me was worth all the wait leading to the last episode of season 2. (it wasn’t until the last episodes of season 2 that Pick and Rome ended up together)

This series is very light and will fit the palate of anyone who just wants to watch something to get “kilig”. 

P.S. Who wouldn’t fall in love with this couple, right? (The first picture above is them just hanging outside their company’s office and a fan happened to take a picture of them from her phone. ❤ )

3. Kiss the series and Kiss Me Again (PeteKao)

Watch all episodes here:
Kiss the Series
Kiss Me Again

Just like the other two series, the main couples for Kiss the Series are boy and girl couples and it wasn’t even until the last few episodes that they reveal the side BL couple. When watching this series you’d never think it was a BL series at first because the BL couple featured in the series (Pete and Kao) are secret lovers even to their closest friends which made things complicated for the main couple who were part of their friendship circle. This is even more non-BL centered than My Dear Loser: Edge of 17 but I placed it at number 3 because of it’s Season 2, Kiss Me Again (it is actually a prequel) which now centers on the development of Pete and Kao’s relationship before they became lovers. 

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You can watch Kiss Me Again first if you want to do the prequel before diving into the sequel. There isn’t really that much change in the story and it would still feel continuous. I did it that way and it was okay but it’s also perfectly fine to start with Season 1 first then eventually season 2 especially if you’re new to BL since Kiss Me Again has more BL scenes (kisses and stuff ;p ) than season 1 which has none of that. 5555.

A third season of this series is currently being made which is set to air next year. I have included it in another list below.

4. 2 Moons Season 1 (PhanaWayo, MingKit, ForthBeam)

Watch all episodes here

So, you’ve already watched the first three which still has a boy and girl couple featured as main characters while the BL couple remains at the side line. Maybe then you’re ready to venture into the real BL world where there are no more boy-girl couples or that they’ve become the side couples instead. 2 Moons season 1 would be a great starter for anyone who’s ready to venture into such a world. 5555. 

From Left to Right: Kit (Copter) and Ming (Kimmon); Phana (Gxxod) and Wayo (Bass); Beam (Tee) and Forth (Tae)

This series features a total of 3 BL couples (although the third couple does not get their light of day in season 1 due to the fact that they only realize their feelings in book 2 of the novel and is still subject for season 2 which I’ll be discussing below). Just like the first three entries, this series is so light and centers mostly on “kilig” moments without actually being intimate.

*There is however a single kiss scene between the main couple at the end of the last episode which came as a surprise for many fans since the first novel only had a hug at the end. Nobody was complaining though. 5555* 

Aside from the fact that the story is light and well-written, the actors for this series are wickedly handsome and hot which is a bonus for us Y girls. They gained so much popularity that 5 of them even formed a boy band which has concerts in China, Korea and other parts of Asia. I mean if you like romance, BL and hot guys, you’ll never go wrong with 2 Moons. 

5. SOTUS the series and SOTUS S (KongpobArthit, TewDae, NaiYong)

Watch all episodes here:
SOTUS the Series

Okay, for this series I’d have to start with this statement first: this is one of the best-written romantic series I have seen so far. It’s not even the best-written of all BL series I have seen, it is the best-written of all romance series regardless of genre or gender, for that matter. If you’re someone who doesn’t mind watching BL series off the bat then I’d be suggesting this series as my number 1 choice. Not only is the story so well-written, the actors of this series (Singto and Krist) are superbly talented and they have natural chemistry on and off cam. It is no wonder that they won the number 1 couple award in Thailand for two years straight since the airing of the first season of their series. 

The development of their characters’, Kongpob and Arthit’s, relationship was just at the right pace enough for you to fall in love with them slowly but surely. Although they are not my favorite BL Couple, they do come close. Their ship name called Peraya (which comes from their real names, Krist Perawat and Singto Prachaya) is often referred to as a battleship because of their super strong fan base. This is only a natural effect of the chemistry that they have in their series which is filled with just the right amount of “kilig” moments, drama, and intimate moments. My favorite line of all time even comes from this series. It was when after they came out to their friends Kongpob’s best friend M asked him why all these years he never knew that his friend liked guys. Kongpob replies with, “I don’t like guys. I like P’Arthit.” M then asks him, “Isn’t that the same?” and Kongpob says this very simple but very deep and meaningful line,“If he isn’t P’Arthit, I will not like him.”

I really loved that line for the fact that it shows what love really is. Although this may sound dismissive of Kongpob’s true sexuality, there is a silver line to his statement. We could interpret it by him meaning that it isn’t even about the gender of the person he fell in love with, it’s all about who that person truly is. Kongpob, during this time, may still be confused but it shows that he recognizes that love is not bound by a person’s gender. He likes Arthit and that’s it. He doesn’t care what others would say. Love is love.

So if you want to fall and feel in love SOTUS the Series and it’s sequel SOTUS S will have you laughing, giggling, crying, and screaming maybe all the same time. 5555

6. Cause You’re my Boy/ My Tee (TeeMork, GordMorn)

Watch all episodes here.

‘Cause You’re my Boy/My Tee starts out fun and interesting, with the two main characters seemingly at odds with each other from the start. At first, you wouldn’t feel the two actors’ chemistry but somehow it grows on you and you start to feel all the jitters from their small romantic moments. Then this light comedy takes a dramatic turn when the families of Tee and Mork get involved especially with Tee coming from a traditional Chinese family. There isn’t really much that I could say about this series maybe because of all those listed here, it’s my least favorite one. There were moments that I got confused with the plot and three are times I didn’t even realize that some of the characters’ problems were already resolved. Especially with the two girls in the series. I re-watched it again and I am still confused as to what they really fought about and what happened in between. Despite that, I think the story is quirky, fun and light. Even though there are many dramatic moments and scenes where you find yourself cringing at the dialogues in anger, some moments will definitely make you laugh especially during the whole time that they pretend to be lovers just for fun.

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Tee is played by actor Frank while Mork is played by actor Drake.

I must mention that although the actors’ chemistry is a bit off in this series they really tried their best to act out their respective parts. While watching this series you get to appreciate how the actors portrayed their “supposed” straight characters well while making a natural transition into revealing the true sexuality of their roles. It was very subtle and fun to watch as the relationship progressed. Overall, you’ll stay for the comedy and the story more than the romance which is still perfectly alright.

7. Our Skyy (PickRome, InSun, TeeMork, PeteKao, KongpobArthit)

Our Skyy is the current ongoing project of the company that brought us Senior Secret Love: Puppy Honey, My Dear Loser: Edge of 17, ‘Cause You’re my Boy, Kiss Me Again and SOTUS the Series. It is a five-episode continuation anthology featuring the top 5 BL couples from the same company which airs starting November 23, 2018. As of this writing only Episode 1 which featured the PickRome couple (OffGun) has been aired. It tells of a story where they’re already living together and have graduated from University. As lovers their differences and insecurities get highlighted which ended up with them arguing during Loi Krathong Day (which is kind of similar to Valentine’s since it is also considered to be a romantic day for lovers in Thailand). A spirit then curses them to swap bodies so that they get to have a taste of the hardships that the other experiences. Due to this, the couple makes up, grows closer and more sure about their feelings for each other which helps them get back to their own bodies.

The first episode was highly anticipated as it would be the first time that Off (who plays Pick) would play a timid and bubbly character since most of his past characters have been strong and more masculine. Gun, (who plays Rome) however, is well-known to be a versatile actor especially with the recent conclusion of his other series “The Gifted” which I’ll be discussing in a later post. So far fans of the couples featured in this anthology are happy with the fan-service and are expecting more fun and sweet scenes exchanged between their shipped couples.

The next couple to be featured will be the InSun Couple followed by TeeMork, PeteKao and KongpobArthit, respectively. Episodes will air every Friday at 8:00pm standard Thailand time exclusive on Line TV.

8. Make it Right Season 1 and Season 2 (TeeFuse, BookFrame, LukmoYok)

Watch all episodes here:
Make it Right Season 1
Make it Right Season 2

Compared to the other series previously mentioned Make it Right covers more intimate scenes between all the BL couples. Also, there is absolutely no boy-girl couple ship in this series which makes it popular among hardcore Y shippers. This is the kind of series that you’d watch when you’re no longer a beginner in the BL fandom. However, it is not just the intimacy that makes this series interesting. It also covers a lot of different issues such as friendship, acceptance of one’s sexuality, relationships of children with their parents who do not accept them, and being open to trusting people again after being betrayed. Plus, the development of the relationships between the characters are well-thought of and delivered in a manner that does not seem rushed despite the fact that each season only has 13-14 episodes. The story-telling of the whole series is quite marvelous indeed.

You’d also find yourself rooting for the characters as they grow close and drift apart due to certain differences, eventually leading them to realize more about how they truly feel for each other. It is definitely more dramatic than the previous series I have mentioned but somehow it kind of mimics real life and real people more given that most of the issues they tackled are truly what people from the LGBTQ+ community all over the world experience every day. Maybe that’s why the series is so relatable to most of it’s fans. The actors of this series are also very professional and you can tell that they’re comfortable with their work and their partners which makes shipping them so worthwhile.

9. Love by Chance (AePete, TinCan, KengklaTechno, TumTar)

Watch all episodes here.

This recently concluded super popular series is the hype of all BL fans and Y shippers around the world for this year. Not only because it features a total of four BL ships with very good-looking actors playing their parts but also because of the multitude of romantic and intimate scenes that this series provides for it’s fans. This is especially true with the main couple, Ae and Pete (played by actors Perth and Saint, respectively), whose intimacy made fans not only from Thailand but even from America, Philippines, China, Korea and other parts of the world scream their lungs out. (and yes, that includes me) It seems that every episode will make you either feel butterflies in your stomach or make you fall from your chair due to over-excitement.

Although two of the four couples were not featured as much, their stories were still very interesting to watch. However, I do have an issue with one of the couples in this series which I’ll be discussing in a separate post later on. Despite the fact that the main couple got their happy ending, fans of the series were disappointed to hear that Season 2 may not be possible due to financial difficulties. This is because the other equally popular side couple Tin and Can (which is my favorite ship in the series),did not end up together and drifted apart in the last episode much to the dismay of their fans (ME!!!!). Still, fans (we) are hoping that Season 2 will see the light of day because our precious TinCan certainly deserves to have that happy ending after all that they’ve been through. Also, who wouldn’t want to see them become as intimate as Ae and Pete were in the series, right? ;p 5555

10. Bad Romance, Together with Me, Together with Me the Next Chapter (KornKnock, BrightFarm)

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Watch all episodes here:
Bad Romance
Together With Me

Lastly, we come to the series that trumps all others when it comes to the level of BL scenes and intimacy which you should watch only if you’re already a pro fan like me. 5555. The second season of this series, Together With Me is a prequel to the first season, Bad Romance which tells of the story of how it’s main BL couple, Korn (Max) and Knock (Tul), got together which is kind of similar to the Kiss Me Again prequel. However, unlike Kiss Me Again you’d have to watch Bad Romance first before Together with Me because there are major changes involved such as a total change of side characters. In this way you won’t be looking for the side characters from the Bad Romance series when you eventually go to the third season which is Together with Me the Next Chapter. Also, you’ll get to appreciate the cameo of Cho (one of the main characters from Bad Romance) during the last episode of Together With Me.

This is number 10 on my list because only real BL fans will be able to watch this series given all the drama and intensity of the romantic scenes featured especially with the second and third season. This is not because the story is the least great among all those listed here. In fact, this drama has a really intricate story line and unexpected twists in the end. The two main BL actors (Max and Tul) have amazing chemistry even off cam which rivals that of Krist and Singto from SOTUS. It’s clear that the two of them are extremely comfortable with each other that they are able to pull off very dramatic and intimate scenes perfectly which will make you believe that they are really together in real life. To end, this series is definitely the most “For Adults” series among the bunch and the most dramatic one so if you want to cry and be emotional, this is the series that you should watch.

Together With Me The Next Chapter is still ongoing as of this writing and is available on Line TV.

Upcoming BL Series that I want to watch:

Off plays the role of Khai and Gun plays the role of Terd/Third.

Watch the trailer here.

A new upcoming series from my favorite BL couple, OffGun, will be aired this coming May 2019. I am super excited for this because their last series together was aired way back in 2017. Us, Babii* have missed them working together. Although there are a ton of videos on the internet of them being together and intimate in real life there is nothing comparable to watching them act in a series together. This anticipation also made the Our Skyy PickRome spin-off episode totally worth the wait. Theory of Love features them as best friends with one having feelings for the other and contemplating on whether he should act upon his feelings or just forget about it and continue to act as usual. For me, this story closely resembles their own story in real life since they are in fact very close. I’m sure fans of this couple are dying to see how the characters’ relationship develops and wishing that the same would happen to Off and Gun in reality. ;D

*the official name of the OffGun fandom. This is because Gun, in real life, calls Off as Papii so fans refer to him as Mamii and themselves the Babii.

2. Dark Blue Kiss (October 2019)

Watch the trailer here.

Dark Blue Kiss is the third installment of Kiss the series which now highly centers on Pete and Kao with another BL couple shaping on the side line. Much like Off and Gun, Tay and New (who plays Pete and Kao, respectively) are also very close friends in real life which makes their fans ship them even more. This earned them the number 3 spot of most popular couple in Thailand just after KristSingto and OffGun. In the trailer you’d see that the secrecy of their romance is slowly becoming a threat to their relationship with each other, with their families and their friends. I am dying to see how the two of them will get through these issues and if ever they’ll choose to eventually come out in the end. Also, I would love to watch the PeteKao Our Skyy episode because it might give us a glimpse of how Dark Blue Kiss will progress after that.

3. 2 Moons Season 2 (2019)

Due to legal issues, the production team have recasted the entire roster of the 2 Moons characters for Season 2. Many fans have been disappointed with this move but there isn’t much that we could do once they were faced with a legal problem. I’m just thankful that despite such they still chose to do a second season for the series. Although it’s a bit sad to think that we won’t get to see the actors we loved so much in the first season play the characters we also loved, I would like to give the new cast a chance to prove themselves. Who knows maybe we’ll love them even more than the previous cast? Still, I would’ve wanted to see Kimmon (Ming) and Copter (Kit) together again in a series.

The names of the new cast members have been released however there are still no official photos or videos yet for this upcoming series.

Highly Suggested but haven’t watched:

Due to my schedule I haven’t watched all the highly suggested Thai BL series yet but I will start to do so after today because finally I am a free elf! 5555. Below are the list of the remaining highly suggested Thai BL series that I haven’t watched just in case you’d want to go try and check them out first. Once I have finished I’ll post another update and review on these series if ever I like them.

*Note: In case you’re wondering, 5555 means “Hahahaha” and is a popular term in Thailand since the number five (5) in Thai is read as “ha”.

*The pictures used in this post are not mine. Credits go to the owners of such materials.

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