Should you say derry or londonderry?

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09/10/2021 · You call it Derry, I call it Londonderry, let’s call the whole thing… what? The Walled City? The Maiden City? Foyleside? LegendDerry? T o be honest, I just call it daft.

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1. Derry/Londonderry name dispute – Wikipedia

The names of the city and county of Derry or Londonderry in Northern Ireland are the subject of a naming dispute between Irish nationalists and unionists. Generally, although not always, nationalists favour using the name Derry, and unionists Londonderry. Legally, the city and county are called “Londonderry”, while the local government district containing the city is called “Derry City and Strabane”. The …


2. Why is Derry also called Londonderry? –

07/05/2022 · Derry, as most its inhabitants call it, was rechristened Londonderry in 1613 when a Royal Charter proclaimed, “that the said city or town …


3. Derry, or Londonderry? – Freely Magazine

15/01/2018 · If you refer to it by its original name, Derry, as most residents do, you are associating yourself with the nationalist cause. Whereas if you use Londonderry, the official name created with the charter of the British settler colony known as the Plantation of Ulster, you are associating yourself with the unionist cause.


4. Why do you call it Derry~Londonderry? Isn’t it Derry (or …

Well, strictly speaking the City is called Derry and the County is called Londonderry, however given that older local road signs and maps will sometimes use these names interchangeably or based on local preference, we figured it would be easier for visitor to know the town as “Derry~Londonderry” so that you will be able to tell you are heading in the right direction no …


5. Derry or Londonderry? – New Statesman

15/06/2010 · An old edition of the Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors lists Derry as a “postally acceptable abbreviation” of Londonderry, while I gather the comedian Dara O’Briain makes light of the competing versions when he performs in the city by opening his show with the line: “Hello, my name is Dara, or if you prefer, you can call me Londondara.”


6. What’s in a name: call it Derry, or call it Londonderry… I …

09/10/2021 · The current, assumed arrangement — that nationalists call it Derry while unionists call it Londonderry — is, however, not quite as straightforward as some would argue. The Apprentice Boys of Derry…


7. local customs – Visiting Derry/Londonderry. What should I …

10/01/2017 · Just call it Derry. It’s shorter. Even many unionist leaning people will call Londonderry ‘Derry’ in casual conversation. The only time you’re ever likely to find issue with using Derry is if you find yourself in a very rough, very loyalist neighbourhood, face to face with a group of youths who are looking for trouble.


8. Northern Irish people: should I call the city ‘Derry’ or …

The legal name on documents is Londonderry, however people in the nationalist community prefer Derry and would ideally like it changed. The solution used by the BBC tends to be to call it Derry-Londonderry as though it’s two combined towns or you know, the James Bond of cities. level 2 fairysdad Op · 5 yr. ago So… which should I call it?


9. What’s in a name? Handling the Londonderry/Derry issue …

28/01/2011 · The first reference in an article should use Londonderry and all other references afterwards should use Derry. Derry is also the style in headlines. Where Derry or Londonderry are in the name of an…


10. In Northern Ireland, why do you have to call the town …

If you call it Londonderry you are of the unionist persuasion. If you call it Derry well you are a republican. Irish republican that is and that has no similarity to a US republican. There have to be some people in the middle and I have no idea what they call it. Londer maybe?


12/03/2022 · 1 Reasons to include Derry in your Northern Ireland itinerary. 1.1 Derry is one of the finest Walled Cities in Europe. 1.2 Derry is a sustainable foodie destination. 1.3 Derry has Northern Ireland’s Authentic Experience of the Year. …

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