How to explain downtrodden?

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1. Downtrodden Definition & Meaning – Merriam-Webster

down· trod· den | \ ˈdau̇n-ˈträ-dᵊn \ Definition of downtrodden : suffering oppression Synonyms Example Sentences Phrases Containing downtrodden Learn More About downtrodden …


2. The downtrodden Definition & Meaning – Merriam-Webster

Definition of the downtrodden : people who are without hope because of being treated badly by powerful people, governments, etc. He showed compassion for the downtrodden. Learn More About the downtrodden Dictionary Entries Near the downtrodden the downstairs the downtrodden the drink See More Nearby Entries Statistics for the downtrodden


3. Downtrodden – Definition, Meaning & Synonyms |

In the 1560s, downtrodden was first used to literally mean “stepped on,” with the figurative meaning following soon after. Trodden, “that which is stepped on,” comes from the verb tread. Definitions of downtrodden adjective abused or oppressed by …


4. Downtrodden – definition of downtrodden by The Free …

A poor, degraded, downtrodden, ignorant, superstitious people, they were; accustomed for generations to the heel of first one invader and then another and in the interims, when there were any, the heels of their feudal lords and their rapacious monarchs.


5. Downtrodden Definition & Meaning |

Origin of downtrodden First recorded in 1560–70; down 1 + trodden OTHER WORDS FROM downtrodden down·trod·den·ness, noun Words nearby downtrodden down to size, down to the …


6. Downtrodden Definition & Meaning | Britannica Dictionary

DOWNTRODDEN meaning: 1 : without hope because of being treated badly by powerful people, governments, etc.; 2 : downtrodden people


7. Downtrodden Definitions | What does downtrodden mean? | Best …

The definition of downtrodden is feeling oppressed or kept down by a situation or a ruler. An example of downtrodden is the feelings of citizens in a cruel dictatorship. adjective 0 0 Trampled on or down. adjective 0 0 (figuratively) Oppressed, persecuted or subjugated. adjective 0 0 Advertisement Trodden down. adjective 0 0


8. DOWNTRODDEN | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

downtrodden adjective us / ˈdɑʊnˈtrɑd· ə n / not provided with opportunities because of having been treated unfairly by someone in authority (Definition of downtrodden from the Cambridge …


9. Urban Dictionary: downtrodden

02/09/2010 · Beat down by the world and it’s woes, trials, and tribulations; poor or impoverished; oppressed. Almost always used to describe a person or group of …


10. Downtrodden definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

downtrodden (daʊntrɒdən ) adjective People who are downtrodden are treated very badly by people with power, and do not have the ability or the energy to do anything about it. The owner is making huge profits at the expense of downtrodden peasants. His mother was old, badly dressed and obviously downtrodden.


18/02/2014 · Matthew 5:38-48 contains a litany of seemingly impossible attitudes and behaviors. After all, the justice we tend to seek is retributive. The Hebrew Scriptures sought to place a cap on the scope of such retribution by making punishments proportional to the crime: an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

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