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 Is Submitting Necessary? 

As long as an indexed web page links to your site, all the major engines
will find you and index you. Use these forms for peace of mind, or for when you
are unsure that the search engines like the sites that currently link to yours…
Many more places to submit are at the Web
Site Submission Base

 Google / AOL 

The quickest way to be indexed is to have
another site link to yours, preferably one that is updated regularly & has
a good Page Rank.
OR by using Google’s free SiteMaps
service (some free tools for it are here)

this form to submit to Google for free
, and appear in the search results
of AOL as well:

  • Only
    the top-level page from a site is necessary; you do not need to submit each individual
    page. Their crawler, Googlebot, will be able to find the rest

  • Use
    this tool to see where
    you are ranked on Google, and how many backlinks you have

Google PageRank

To see any page’s PageRank, you
can either install the Google Toolbar,
or if the site is listed at Open Directory, use this tool

is just one factor of many that needs to be looked at when optimizing a site for
Google. PageRank is Google’s method of measuring a page’s”importance.”
When all other factors, such as the Title tag and keywords, are taken into account,
Google uses PageRank to adjust results so sites that are more “important”
will move up in the results page of a user’s search

If Page A
links to Page B, then Page A is saying that Page B is an important page.

  • PageRank only looks at the voting ability of incoming links to a page, and
    how much they recommend that page.
  • Every page of a site can have a PageRank,
    not just the main page
  • You can pass PageRank to different pages of your
    own site through the internal linking structure of the various pages
  • Naming
    and titling hyperlinks using keyphrases is a separate thing from PageRank. Using
    keyphrases within your links may help with your search engine rankings, but not
    your PageRank.

In other words, for PageRank purposes, If a page has a PageRank
of seven (out of ten), and it’s filled with many links to other sites, those other
sites only get a tiny portion of that seven PR because the PageRank gets divided
amongst all the links. So in effect, just because a page has a high PageRank,
it doesn’t mean it’s the best one to be linked from.

  • Also
    the very excellent advice of Brett
    , this enlightening Q&A
    with 2 Google employees
    (is actually in English below the introduction),
    WebRankInfo and how
    to get listed in 30 days


quickest way is to get indexed is to have a blog as part of your site, with an
RSS feed that is correctly XML formatted. Then geta Yahoo account (just get a
free email account), then add it to your My Yahoo page, and your site will start
to be indexed almost straight away.

submit your site for free, use this form:


  • Use
    this form to also appear at engines Yahoo bought – AltaVista and AlltheWeb.

  • Check out all the different
    Yahoo submissions
    , like media & paid submission
  • You can also
    submit to the Inktomi spider,
    which might help with Yahoo inclusion

You must be a registered Yahoo! user before you can use the above form. Their
email service is good and free (my email provider of choice), so you might as


Axandra conducted a

Axandra conducted a huge
search engine ranking study
and analyzed 103,260 top 10 web pages to get proven facts about how search engines rank web sites

 MSN Search 

Google & Yahoo, as long as an indexed site is linking to yours, your site
will be found by the search engines. Submitting your URL will not speed the process
in any way. If you still want to submit to MSN, do it here.

from MSN:

  • Limit all pages to a reasonable size. We recommend one topic
    per page. An HTML page with no pictures should be under 150 KB.
  • Make
    sure that each page is accessible by at least one static text link.
  • Add
    a site map. A site map helps MSNBot to find all of your pages. Links that are
    embedded in menus, list boxes, and similar elements are not accessible to web
    crawlers unless they appear in your site map.
  • Keep your site hierarchy
    fairly flat. That is, each page should only be from one to three clicks away from
    the home page.

 Submit Your URL to 

They find your site via links on other sites. Information is here

  • The
    Ask Search network includes,, search123, Excite and more…

Tricks and Ideas 

  • Create a site map – a simple page with text
    links to every other page in your site. Keep it up-to-date. Submit your site map
    each time, and the spiders will find everything
  • If your site map has over
    100 links, break it into several pages (Google, for example, only looks at the
    first 100 links on a page)
  • Create new content as frequently as possible
    – and the crawlers might visit once or twice each week
  • Any site that promises
    to submit your site to thousands of search engines is a waste of time, and usually
    leads to lots of spam
  • Never pay for any old submission service. Either
    do it easily through here (or the official Add URL pages), or use legitimate 3rd
    party paid submission services – see this page
  • Use
    Crawler Alert – a free notification
    service that tells you when the search engine robots/spiders/crawlers pay your
    site a visit


Mysterious new index
with great results. Get listed – it is on its way up.



 Non-English Indexes 

people of these countries use their own search engines a lot. Helps if your site
is in their langauge, because they will be searching for keywords in their own

FRANCE – Voila

GERMANY – Abacho,


 Other Indexes 

isn’t much point submitting to the smaller engines, but it’s harmless if you have
time on your hands.

  • Rex
  • Infotiger
  • Netsearch
  • ExactSeek
  • LinkCentre
  • Susy
    (South Africa)
  • Alexa
    – not a search engine per se, but it is a good idea to be in their database of

 Spider Simulator 

Use this tool
to see how a web spider sees your page:

Enter page url ( eg: ):

  • If this tool can’t see some of the content on your page, GoogeBot
    etc probably can’t either!
  • Lots & lots of spider info at

 Dead Engines 

is no point trying to submit to these search engines…

  • Excite – is now a meta-search
  • Direct Hit – replaced with Teoma
  • Northern
    Light – no longer available to the general public
  • Lycos – now use MSN’s
    and Ask’s indexes


For one reason or another your site might have
been blacklisted. This can happen by accident, so contact these folk if your submissions
aren’t working. Be patient – replying to you will not be a priority unless you
have paid them for a listing.

  • Google – email
    with “reinclusion request” as the subject


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