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Meaning of For long with illustrations and photos. Pronunciation of For long and its etymology. Related words – For long synonyms, antonyms, hypernyms, hyponyms and rhymes. Example sentences containing For long. Fine Dictionary. For long fər lɔŋ. Study of an old man with a white beard and long gray hair. Half-length, arms folded in front of the chest. Illustrations # Knotted …

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1. word usage – For long vs for a long time – English …

13/01/2018 · 1 Answer1. Show activity on this post. According to CGEL*, you seem to be right about for long not being able to be used in positive declarative sentences. (1) They didn’t laugh loudly or for long. (2) No one laughs for long. (3) Few people laughed for long. (4) I doubt that he’ll laugh for long.


2. for long vs. for a long time | WordReference Forums

18/08/2008 · There is a significant difference between usual meanings of the sentences with “for long” and those with “for a long time”. With “for long”, the usual meaning is “I do X now, but I’ve only been doing X for a short time”: I haven’t known them for long I know them, but I only met them a short time ago


3. For long vs. For a long time | Compare English Words …

“For long” is a phrase which is often translated as “mucho tiempo”, and “for a long time” is a phrase which is often translated as “por mucho tiempo”. Learn more about the difference between “for long” and “for a long time” below. for long (for lang) A phrase is a group of words commonly used together (e.g once upon a time). phrase. 1. (general) a. mucho tiempo. We’re not going …


4. long and for a long time – Online Dictionary for Kids

Long is most common in questions and negative sentences, and after too and so. How long did you wait? I didn’t play for long. The concert was too long. In affirmative sentences, we usually use a long time. I waited (for) a long time. ( I waited long is possible, but not usual.) It takes a long time to get to her house. Far and a long way


5. For long definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

30/04/2022 · Definition of ‘for long’ phrase The expression for long is used to mean ‘for a great amount of time’. ‘Did you live there?’—’Not for long.’ Developing countries won’t put up with the situation for much longer. For too long there was a huge gap in the market. See full dictionary entry for long COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary.


6. “In” or “for” with “for a long time”? | The Grammar Exchange

16/03/2004 · A :”For” is always correct to measure the duration of a period of time, so your sentence, “I’ve not eaten for two days,” is fine. After negatives and superlatives, “in” can also be used to talk about duration, so your sentence, “I’ve not eaten in two days,” is also fine. I haven’t seen him for/in months. It was the worst storm for/in ten years.


7. word choice – “For a long time” vs “in a long time …

They will do it in a long time. (future simple) – It will begin and be finished a long time from now, in the future. for a long time (present perfect (continuous)) – past – present – future for a long time (past simple) – past in a long time – future Share Improve this answer answered Jan 3, 2016 at 17:32 Péter Ballai 21 1 Add a comment


8. What is another word for “for a long time”? – WordHippo

Continuously and tediously At frequent intervals Adverb Long ago for as long as anyone can remember for ages forever and a day forever and ever for many years years Adverb Continuously and tediously on and on at length ceaselessly constantly continuously for ages forever for hours incessantly relentlessly unremittingly at great length


9. LONG LONG TIME – crossword answers, clues, definition …

LONG LONG TIME ‘LONG LONG TIME’ is a 12 letter phrase starting with L and ending with E Crossword clues for ‘LONG LONG TIME’ Clue Answer; Long long time (3) EON: Historic time (3) Vast age (3) Very long time (3) Numerous centuries (3) Long stretch (3) Gazillion years (3) Vast period of time (4) AEON : Largest division of geological time (4) An age (4) Thousands …



04/06/2020 · FOR A LONG TIME In affirmative sentences, we usually use a long time. Examples: I waited (for) a long time. (/ waited long is possible, but not usual) It takes a long time to get to her house. Comments No comments Post a Comment Show Comments Only Show Comments & Replies Post a Comment You are welcome to share your ideas with us in comments.


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