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Heritage Lounge & Bar


Our Heritage Lounge and Bar remind you that you are in the World’ Heritage Listed Site with the royal heritage, is located on the sun deck where you can sunbathe or enjoy a cold drink at the bar while taking in the breathtaking views, admire the sunset or take part in the wine tasting.

The spacious sun deck affords superb views of the ever-changing fairytale landscapes. Get up early in the morning and welcome the first rays of sunshine announcing a new day and join in the open-air tai chi class.

We e serve afternoon tea, where we introduce you to the traditional Vietnamese art of drinking tea. You can also sample the finest Vietnamese coffees and try your hand at making a café filter or café sua da for yourself.

The Heritage Lounge and Bar is very spacious offering plenty of relaxing options with a sun deck and open-air cinema.

During the cruise you can choose from a selection of complimentary wines, beers, soft drinks, cocktails and spirits, as well as teas and coffee.

The Ana Spa

According to Cham legends, the goddess Ponagar, also known as Holly Mother Thien Y Ana, was born from heavenly clouds and sea foam.

This goddess created the world and gave it trees and rice. She taught people skills to survive and she was honored as the Mother of the Land.

Leave stress and worries behind as you cruise through the tranquil waters of Nha Trang Bay, probably no better place to be as it is one of the 29 most beautiful bays in the world! Time stands still as you enjoy our pampering beauty spa services and relaxing massages.

Our five-star experiential cruises offer the best facilities as well as an extensive range of treatments which will make you feel like royalty.

Therapeutic quality essential oils are the basis of the aromatherapy skincare products used for the majority of the face and body treatments. We also place great importance on the relaxation element of the spa experience.

Prior to or after their treatment, guests can stay in the Ana Spa to enjoy the dry sauna and Jacuzzi whilst sipping on complimentary ginger or jasmine tea.

All treatments in the spa are included in the price, so all you need to do is to make a reservation through your butler or experience manager.

Experience every moment!

Bao Dai Library

Bao Dai had his own library which operated from 1923 to early 1947 when the French reoccupied the imperial city of Hue.

The Bao Dai Library collected and stored almost all the royal books and precious documents of the previous emperors. This library is very rich in information and allows readers to understand the grandeur of the last dynasty in Vietnam, and today travelers can visit this when they are in Hue.

Inspired by this royal museum, Emperor Cruises has its very own Bao Dai Library located on the upper deck, adjacent to the Ana Wellness and Spa, which is well stocked and exceedingly comfortable being a perfect setting for reading and relaxing.

Curl up in a plush leather chair with a classic novel such as l’Amant, a history book of the Nguyen dynasty or the Dragon of Annam. As you sip a cup of coffee or tea in a very relaxing setting reminiscent of colonial times, reading about the history of Vietnam, you will be transported back in time.

Discover luxury travel guide books about Nha Trang and Khanh Hoa, photos by famous photographers and paintings by Vietnamese artists. Peruse travel books to help you plan your next adventure in Vietnam and spend time doing your own research online at one of the computers. You can even play chess or other popular board games. DVDs are also available for guests who wish to watch a movie in the privacy of their suite.

Can Chanh Palace Royal Restaurant

Exquisite Royal Cuisine at the Can Chanh Royal Restaurant and Lounge

Named after the Can Chanh Palace (Cần Chánh Điện), at the very centre of the Imperial Enclosure, the once magnificent Forbidden Purple City in Hue where Emperor Bao Dai was crowned. Decorated with magnificent paintings, antique objects, Chinese ceramic and pottery and home to the most powerful royal seal, the Cần Chánh Điện was where the emperor received foreign delegations and ambassadors, held royal family parties, and celebrated national days and Nguyen Dynasty affairs of state right up until 1945.

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This was a citadel within a citadel and was reserved solely for the personal use of the emperor – the only servants allowed into this compound were eunuchs who would pose no threat to the royal concubines. Cần Chánh Điện was also where emperors conducted royal ceremonies on the 5th, 10th, 20th, and 25th of the month according to the lunar calendar.

The ‘Can Chanh Dien’ main palace is one of the earliest palaces in the ‘Can Thanh Cung’ residence, constructed in 1804 during the reign of Gia Long, as the ‘Thuong Trieu Chinh Dien’ main working hall for the emperors and their cabinet during the Nguyen Dynasty (1802-1945). It played an important role in politics, and expressed the power of the feudal kingdom during that period. During the Indochina War (1945-1954) it was destroyed by fire in 1947, and only the foundations remained plus traces of a number of pieces of stonework.

Emperor Bao Dai was greatly influenced by French civilization; he studied and grew up in France, and only returned to Vietnam when he succeeded to the throne and where he lived most of his life under the protectorate of the French. In addition, he lived the opulent lifestyle of the upper-class French.

His style, where East meets West, epitomized the influence of the French where there is luxury in simplicity and this has inspired the architecture of Emperor Cruises. We have named the restaurant and lounge Can Chanh Palace Royal Restaurant and it is located on the left-hand side of the main deck close to where guests board. Here they are welcomed by our hospitable crew with a welcome salangane drink.

With such an inspired name, Can Chanh has been designed with a royal atmosphere for both the lounge and restaurant. Works of art commissioned from well-known Vietnamese artists adorn the walls. Painted exclusively for Emperor Cruises by the famous painter Pham Luc, one of his masterpieces shows Emperor Bao Dai giving a grand imperial audience. It has taken time to complete and is displayed exclusively on board for the pleasure of Emperor Cruises’ passengers.

Can Chanh is at the heart of the Emperor Cruises boat, a place for the most sophisticated travelers to enjoy Vietnamese culture, history and gourmet cuisine, and where royal glamour and heritage combine to create the epitome of elegance.

The spacious and relaxing lounge has comfortable, elegant furniture inspired by an original 1930 design, ideal for taking in the breathtaking views. While dining in style in the Can Chanh Palace Royal Restaurant, you will be able to observe the preparation of the food in the restaurant’s open kitchen.

Emperor Cruises has crafted a fine Vietnamese culinary experience for the most discerning of palettes to ensure every guests’ dining experience exceeds their expectations at the Can Chanh Palace Royal Restaurant. The restaurant’s cuisine is always freshly prepared using the finest local ingredients to prepare royal dishes once reserved only for the royal family.

Each overnight trip includes lunch, dinner, and brunch. Guests can enjoy their dining experiences in their suite, on the sundeck, wine cellar or anywhere they like, at any time.

With every meal on board, guests are treated to a fine selection of complimentary local beers, spirits, and distinctive wines chosen by our acclaimed sommeliers. It is all included. Enjoy your dining experience in such a special place, with special people and special moments!

Fitness Centre

Our fitness centre is perfectly located on the upper deck giving our guests breathtaking views across Halong Bay so that they can feel inspired as they carry out their on-board fitness regimen.

Our complimentary fitness facilities are specifically designed to revitalize and energize our in-house guests.

The stunning ocean view is just the icing on the cake! In addition there is also a sauna and jacuzzi available on the same deck for you to enjoy while you admire Halong’s pristine bay.

The Kids’ Club

The Kids’ Club, located on the upper deck, will wow our younger guests whilst bringing them face to face with the colours, sounds, experiences and stunning views of Halong Bay.

Parents are invited to enjoy much-needed time alone to use any of our on-board facilities while your children have fun in a safe and exciting environment with activities under the watchful eye of our professional team.

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Vietnam Tea and Coffee House

Vietnam is home to some of the best coffee and tea in the world but few people know it!

Our Vietnam Tea and Coffee House on board Emperor Cruises brings you the essence of Arabica and Robusta, serves you the finest tea and introduces you to the art of drinking Vietnamese tea.

Vietnam House is a natural meeting place, where a delightful selection of specialty coffees are prepared to order by our baristas including freshly brewed cappuccino or espresso.

Traditional coffee such as café sua da and café den are on the menu, or you may want to learn how to make a café sua da yourself.

You may try tra da, green tea, black tea or specialty teas and learn how the Nguyen Emperors enjoyed the art of drinking tea.

Internet Café

It’s easy to stay connected even while sailing in Halong Bay. Our boats have wifi throughout for guests with their own laptops and there are plenty of computers in the internet café near the Bao Dai Library on the upper deck. Besides sending emails and checking the latest news online, you might want to play games or search old black-and-white photos, pictures, video clips and movies to understand more about Emperor Bao Dai and Princess Nam Phuong and the last dynasty of the Nguyen emperors. The internet café is open around the clock.

Hanoi Bar

All you can drink as you relax and have fun – and at no additional charge

Inspired by the opulent lifestyle of the Emperor Bao Dai, every corner of this masterpiece, including the Hanoi Bar, tells a story. Hanoi Bar covering an area of 80m2, is located on the lower deck decorated in colonial Indochine style. It is an oasis on the Emperor Cruise not to be missed while on board.

We artfully combine a warm, friendly ambiance with the ultimate expression of elegance, yet casual onboard pleasures. Evenings offer all the sophisticated fun of a nightclub, whether you mingle over cocktails in a clubby piano bar or plush lounge.

Elegant and sophisticated in design, the nostalgia of old Hanoi is recreated from the time when Bao Dai was the advisor to President Ho Chi Minh. While there he fell in love with Mong Diep, a 21-year-old highly acclaimed beauty, who originated from northern Bac Ninh, and a popular dancer in Hanoi.

Bao Dai was known as a ‘lady killer’, very handsome and suave and deeply attractive to many beautiful women who could not resist his romantic charms. Bao Dai particularly enjoyed frequenting discotheques, night clubs, and bars in his solitude time in Hanoi.

When he was the emperor he would splash out on a beautiful villa for a lover, but when he hit hard times at the end of his life in France, he lived on the generosity of his lover, the dancer Mong Diep. There are still many untold stories to tell about Bao Dai and every corner of the Emperor Cruise has a story to tell.

The spacious Hanoi Bar is welcoming with its wooden floors, intimate atmosphere and luxurious features, specially designed with our in-house guests in mind to enhance their cruising experience. There is a wide selection of wines, beers, cocktails, liquors and spirits available to enjoy in the elegant and laidback environment. The sommelier can help to select the wine to accompany lunch or dinner upon request.

Guests can opt for an intimate dining experience with the wine of their choice entertained by our own pianist. The small stage can also be converted to a theater, cinema or karaoke room for an unforgettable evening of fun.

Hanoi Bar is perfect for a small group event, special celebration or simply just to relax on the comfortable sofas with a drink to contemplate life to the accompaniment of our musicians. And whatever you drink, remember there is no additional charge.

Entertainment On Board

– Live music at the weekends

– Local and regional folk entertainment

– Cinema, disco and karaoke available

– Interactive flat-screen television in each suite with extensive media library and complimentary movies-on-demand

– Wine tasting

– Culinary demonstrations

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– Afternoon tea

– Coffee demonstration

– Well-stocked library

– Staffed internet café

– Fitness center and beauty salon

– Bars and lounges

– Games

– Equipment for squid fishing

– Snorkeling instructors

– Art auctions, art lecturer and exhibition of famous paintings of Pham Luc and Bui Huu Hung, Pham Hoang Van, the collector Pham Phuc and Pham Ha

Saigon Saigon Bar

All you can drink, nostalgia and fun.

Upstairs, on the right hand side, Saigon Saigon Bar recalls the glorious old French colonial time, when Saigon was the capital of Cochinchine, Indochina, and then Vietnam. The American War affected Emperor Bao Dai and his life when his Prime Minister Ngo Dinh Diem called for a referendum in 1955, which was in reality, a coup d’etat!

Thanks to the American support, and the anti-communist sentiments at the time, Ngo Dinh Diem proclaimed himself the president of The Vietnam Republic in South Vietnam, and put an end of the Bao Dai Government, forcing Bao Dai and his family into exile in France.

The name ‘Saigon Saigon Bar’ is evocative of the iconic bar in Saigon in 1959, and was a popular spot amongst war journalists in the 1960’s. Saigon was then renamed Ho Chi Minh City in 1976, as an honor to President Ho Chi Minh, after the victory of the Northern Army over Saigon on 30 April 1975.

Saigon Saigon Bar on Emperor Cruises helps you to understand our history during this chaotic period, but is now a nice and peaceful place to relax with friends and learn more about Vietnamese history.

Mekong Lounge

Creating memories

Our indoor Mekong Lounge has been inspired by the longest River in Asia, where the Queen Nam Phuong was born in the Mekong Delta. Known as the queen of the last feudal dynasty in Vietnam, Queen Nam Phuong (1914-63), was famed for her unrivalled beauty and was born Marie-Thérèse Nguyen Huu Thi Lan in Go Cong, a Mekong Delta town.

With the timeless beauty of an East Asian woman, Queen Nam Phuong was honored as one of the 5 most beautiful queens at that time. She and Emperor Bao Dai had 5 children, and they spent 12 hapy years in Vietnam until they were forced into exile in France for the following 16 years.

The Melong Lounge stairs are built in Indochina style in the centre in the upper floor containing Bao Dai Library, Mekong Bar, a Spa and Sauna Rooms, Kid’s Club and Mekong Lounge – along with the fully stocked Saigon Saigon Bar.

As the whole boat is named after the most favorites places of Emperor Bao Dai who have many of his own villas and palaces in his empire. Mekong Lounge reminds you that you are in the fertile Mekong Region which is rich in nature, culture, history, and is known as the rice basket of Vietnam. The indoor lounge and bar is located on the upper floor where you can relax or enjoy a cold drink at the bar while taking in the breathtaking views, read books or enjoy ginger tea while waiting for the spa and sauna services.

Guests gravitate to the lounge in the mornings for cà phê ðá – Vietnamese coffee poured over ice with sweet condensed milk, between excursions to swap travel tales and for daily information briefings. Learn about topics relevant to upcoming excursions or discover the life of Nam Phuong through various books, old photos or in the Emperor’s Secrets Book at the nearby Bao Dai Library. Converse with friends over a cup of coffee or enjoy the art of being served Royal tea or coffee in the fashion on the period.

Enjoy your privacy and the luxury, and order a fresh tropical fruit cocktail from the fully stocked Saigon Saigon Bar nearby, or choose local beers or fine European wine. During the cruise you can choose from a selection of complimentary wines, beers, soft drinks, cocktails and spirits, as well as teas and coffee, all complimentary.

Capture every special moment and come home refreshed and relaxed and ready to plan your next adventure! Relax, recover, renew, reflect, regain, relive. As Queen Nam Phuong once said, “le temps passe, le souvenir reste.” “Time flies, memories remain”.

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