Detailed Guide to the Prices in Phu Quoc

The prices in Phu Quoc were slightly more expensive than the rest of Vietnam, most noticeably when it came to accommodation. As always, how much you’ll spend in Phu Quoc depends on how much of a drinker / eater / sunbather / shopper you are, but here’s a quick guide to the Phu Quoc prices from my week there, just to give you an idea.

cost of phu quoc vietnam

– I found the Phu Quoc prices to be a little higher than mainland Vietnam

I loved my week on Phu Quoc and would recommend making the effort to get there from mainland Vietnam to anyone. It was so relaxing after the craziness of the big Vietnamese cities and a chance to really chill out.

My return flight from Ho Chi Minh City cost me £100 / 2,832,000 VND a week before, but you can go on the bus and boat from Ho Chi Minh City for around a tenner.

So you’ll need to factor that into your Phu Quoc budget. 

– Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links. All travel was paid for and organised by me.

prices in phu quoc

– It’s totally free to swing here in Phu Quoc!

How Expensive is Phu Quoc?

Is Phu Quoc expensive?

This is a difficult question to answer as it totally depends on where you’re comparing Phu Quoc to. For me, coming from England, no it wasn’t. 

Here’s everything I made a note of spending during my week in Phu Quoc. In February 2017, there were around 28,000 Dong to £1 / or 22,000 Dong to $1.

Remember, with all the zeros managing your money in Vietnam can be quite difficult. It takes just £36 to be a millionaire in Vietnamese Dong so make sure to double check which notes you’re passing when you hand them over!

*I worked out the currency conversions for the prices in Phu Quoc on two different days, so it might not be right to the Dong, but you get the idea.

*All conversions done by

Transport costs in Phu Quoc

Driving in Phu Quoc

– I’d totally recommend the cost of hiring a moped into your Phu Quoc budget. 

– 20-minute taxi from Phu Quoc Airport to Duong Dong | 150,000 VND | £5.40

– And back again from Duong Dong to Phu Quoc Airport | 150,000 VND | £5.40

*You can get the 50,000 VND Jetstar bus to save money if you prefer.

And if, like me, you leave your hiking boots at the hotel and have to pay the hotel staff to scooter them to you – you can add another 200,000 VND. I’ll presume you won’t be so stupid though.

Transport total = £10.80

Prices of activities in Phu Quoc

Looking at the water in Phu Quoc

– Chilling on the beach is the best thing to do for free on Phu Quoc

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All I did for ‘activities’ was to rent the moped. I did debate going scuba diving and snorkelling but locals told me it wasn’t a good time of year. You could snorkel from £20 for the day. I drove the moped through national parks, down to beaches and all round that island. It was great fun. 

Of course if you’re there a little more in season, then you’ll need to factor in the price of activities in Phu Quoc a little more. 

– 5 days moped rental 150,000 VND x 5 = 750,000 | £26.56

* I got my moped from my hotel – be careful, check reviews, wear a helmet and drive safely. 

– Petrol for 5 days | 50,000 VND | £1.77

The rest of the time I lay on the beach, explored the island park, went round the little towns and just relaxed. I even read a book – first one for ages!

*That took me a long way.

Activities total = £28.33

Phu Quoc food and drink prices

Food at the night market

– For the best Phu Quoc food prices, eat from the street markets

I’d been in Vietnam three weeks by the time I got to Phu Quoc, I was ready for some Western food, as you’ll see. I also didn’t drink much as I was trying to keep up the healthy living from the bike ride. In fact, I only had a cocktail on the last night. That saved some cash. 

This is everything I remember eating – both of my accommodation choices had breakfast included which was a choice between Pho or eggs and bread. The price of food in Phu Quoc is very reasonable. 

– Crab and Asian Slaw at Rory’s Beach Bar | 200,000 VND | £7 | $8.80  [this was the most expensive meal I had in Vietnam!]

– 500ml water in the shop | 10,000 VND | £0.36 | $0.44   (Obviously had a lot of these over 6 days – let’s say 3 a day – oh and always buy litre bottles when you can – saves money and plastic) so 180,000 VND | £6.37 | $7.92

– Soda water at Hilltop Hostel | 10,000 VND | £0.36 | $0.44

– Bacon wrapped shrimp at Hilltop Hostel |  80,000 VND | £2.84 | $3.52

– Chicken curry at Hilltop Hostel | 150,000 VND | £5.31 | $6.60

– Ice cream at at Buddy Ice Cream | 100,000 VND | £3.54 | $4.40

*Expensive, but totally worth it. Had two 🙂

– Burger and chips at the Info Cafe | 150,000 VND | £5.31 | $6.60

– Street stall feast at Duong Dong Street Market | 50,000 VND each x 5 = 250,000 | £8.86 |  $11

*Just go round trying everything – a self led food tour if you will. 

– Delicious anchovy pizza at Bia Soi | 150,000 VND | £5.31 | $6.60

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– Bun Hue Ho and 2 waters | 70,000 VND | £2.48 | $3.08

Cost of Lunch Vietnam

– Go inland a bit for the best prices for food on Phu Quoc

– Noodle lunch at Vung Tao with large water | 90,000 VND | £3.19 | $3.96

– Coffee and smoothie at Peach Bar | 70,000 VND | £2.48 | $3.08

– Seafood Clay pot at Coco Palm Resort | 200,000 VND | £7.09 | $8.08

– Fresh spring rolls and banana crepe at Coco Palm Resort | 160,000 VND | £5.67 | $7.04

– Watermelon juice at Cua Can sunset bar | 40,000 VND | £1.42 | $1.76

– Cocktail at Mango Bay Resort (it was horrible, but the setting was lovely. Go, but just choose something else) | 100,000 VND | £3.54 | $4.40

Food and drink total = £70.77

Wow, Phu Quoc food prices are cheap.

Felt like I ate like a boss too!

Your Phu Quoc budget for food doesn’t need to be high, but make sure you don’t scrimp on what you want to eat. Vietnamese food is some of the best in the world, in my opinion. 

Shopping prices in Phu Quoc

Shopping on Phu Quoc island

– Have a separate budget on Phu Quoc for the fruity smoothies – they’re all kinds of special.

Stripey shirt off the Phu Quoc Market | 200,000 VND | £7.09 | $8.08

Shopping total = £7.09

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Accommodation prices in Phu Quoc

– 2 nights at Hilltop Hostel in a 12 bed with breakfast (no other guests!) |  423k x 2 VND | £7.50 x 2 = £15 | $18 

*Really liked this hostel, would’ve stayed longer if they didn’t play music so loud till 2am, and I hadn’t realised a private double down the road was so cheap. Love the prices in Phu Quoc :). 

accommodation on phu quoc

– Coco Valley is a great choice for anyone in Phu Quoc on a budget

– 5 nights in a budget double at Coco Valley Garden Hotel with breakfast | 1.4 million VND | $12.67 x 5 = $63.35 | £51

Accommodation total for a week = £66

Accommodation prices in Phu Quoc are amazing. My hostel and hotel weren’t of the highest quality, but they were totally acceptable. I spent most of my days on the beaches, the evening eating, and the late evening doing blogging work at my hotel / hostel. I was totally happy with this. 

The money I saved on cheaper accommodation in Phu Quoc meant that I would have all the more to spend on having fun. 


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Is Phu Quoc expensive?

Total spent in Phu Quoc in 6 Days

= £182.99

What do you think of the prices in Phu Quoc?
Cheap? More than you thought?

Questions about the prices in Phu Quoc 

If you want to know more about travelling in Vietnam, I filmed this video on Mango Beach in Phu Quoc. I’d been in Vietnam for a month by this point, and had travelled here for two weeks a few years previously. I wanted to show you everything I’d learned. Enjoy! 

And you can subscribe to my YouTube channel here too. 

How much is a meal in Phu Quoc? 

I would budget 100-200,000 VND for a meal in Phu Quoc – this is around £3.50 to £7. You can get a really good meal for the upper end of this, and a decent pizza at the lower end. 

You can also get food for less than this on Phu Quoc, just hit up the night markets. 

Phu quoc fishing village

– This is the kinda place you need to look for for cheap eats in Phu Quoc

Is Phu Quoc expensive? 

Nah. I thought Phu Quoc was cheap when I was there. The fact that the main thing to do here is chill on the beaches makes it a very affordable destination. You don’t have to spend much here to entertain yourself. The price of food in Phu Quoc is decent, as is the cost of accommodation. 

Phu Quoc is a wonderful destination for anyone on a budget as once you’ve paid the flight, it’s cheap from then on in. 

what to do in phu quoc

– The night markets are the best place for cheap souvenirs on Phu Quoc, and food!

How much does it cost to travel in Phu Quoc? 

I had a moped and so you can see the costs above, cheap. If you don’t hire a moped you can get round via taxis, this will add up if you’re on your own. You can ask your hostel / hotel to help you with booking taxis on Phu Quoc. 

Do they have ATMs on Phu Quoc? 

Yes, if you need to get money out on Phu Quoc, you can find plenty of cash machines in the city centre. It’s best to carry cash as some restaurants won’t be able to take card, although, this is changing. 



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