Annapurna Base Camp Trek

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Trip Overview of Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Annapurna base camp trek is one of the best and short trekking in the Annapurna region. This trek is arranged with just a trail of trekking within 7 days in Annapurna base camp. This is the Short Version of ABC Trek. this short trek is perfect for those trekkers who don’t have lone time and still wanted to reach the base camp. The route gives enough time to witness the staggeringly beautiful peaks of all the Annapurna giants. That encircles the basin: Annapurna 1 (8091 m), Annapurna South (7273 m). We can also get the best view of  Glacier Dome, Gangapurna (7454 m), the unclimbed Fang (7647 m), and the fishtail peak of Machhapuchhare (6997 m).

The ABC trek makes you fun and pleasure with its amazing landscape. A great insight into the natural and cultural heritage of the tiny Himalayan country, Nepal. the walking route will be passing by the diverse ethnic group’s culture and verify vegetation forest and wildlife. Annapurna bsae camp trek is one of Nepal’s classic moderate trek which takes you to the base of the tallest mountains. you will have a chance to stay and visit two famous Annapurna base camp and Macchapuchare. It is a less intensive version of Everest base camp but can be done in a short time and more easy to do.

The routes take you with ascending river valley and goest into the route ascends a river the valley that gradually narrows before opening up into an amphitheater of mountains and the base of the great mountain peaks. The amazing walking will start from MBC to ABC where the hiking will mostly in the rocky trail with some snow. On Arrival, anybody can cherish their moment with the stunning mountain view so whole Annapuran ranges and Mount Fishtail.

Annapurna base camp trek highlights

  • Lush forests of Rhododendrons and oaks.
  • Explore typical Gurung villages at Landruk & Chhomrung.
  • Enjoy the great view of Annapurna Mountain ranges and Mt Fishtail, (Machhapuchhure).
  • Get 360 degrees of fantastic mountain views from Annapurna Base Camp.
  • Enjoy a Natural Natural bath in hot springs at Jhinu.
  • Outstanding view of the mountains

Trekkers choose the Annapurna base camp trek is to see the outstanding view of the mountains. While passing through the different villages you will get an amazing view of the high mountains of the Annapurna ranges. Furthermore, this trek will also provide you a closes view of the Annapurna Mountains from all 360 degrees. in the early morning, we will have the mastering view of sunrise and sunset from Annapurna base camp.

How to start Annapurna base camp  trek 7 days

ABC trek starts from Nayapul about 1 hour 30 minutes drive from Pokhara. You feel saturated by nature and unidentifiable calm in the heart and soul. The central part of trekking in Ghandruk Valley is on the top of the ridge, more than 500 m above. We will walk through the best rhododendron forest. We pass rice terraces of rice fields and green vegetation till the trail to the Chhomrong village.

Machhapuchhare Base Camp is another heavenly trail. We will have spectacular views including Himchuli, Gangapurna, and the ever-changing Machhapuchhare, which sheer triangular face takes on yet another aspect here. Furthermore, from here the path will get in the moraines and reaches the world of ice and snow.  Annapurna sanctuary from where you will see incredible 360-degree views of the Annapurna ranges and above the massive Annapurna glacier.

Collecting lifetime experience, we retrace from ABC to Chomrong and then to the Jhinu Danda. You can go to take a natural hot spring bath at the Jhinu danda. There are small bath pools. After that, the trail leads to the rhododendron forest and passes to Pothana and Tolkha. The trail follows through charming villages of Nepal’s ethnic communities of the Gurung, & Magar. This fantastic trek finishes at Phedi from where we take a short drive to the city of Pokhara.

Why trekking to Annapurna base camp

  • Annapurna base camp trek trail goes through diverse landscapes and cultures complete with rich mountain vistas. With  terraced rice fields, beautiful Gurung villages, and a wide variety of flora and fauna
  • Trekking through the  Annapurna conservation area which is home to 1226 species of plants, 102 mammals, 474 birds, 22 amphibians.
  • The beginning of the walk from Landruk on the right side of the river; lush green forest, many birds, small waterfalls, very peaceful and beautiful.
  • The long suspension bridge just before Jhinudanda, the longest suspension bridge it is one of the longest suspension bridges which is 350m long.
  • Enjoy the natural Hot springs at Jhinudanda.
  • Spectacular Mount Fishtail Views from Chhomrong.
  • Great Mountain vista from Sinuwa.
  • Get the selfie at the long steep ascent from the suspension bridge to Chhomrong, 500m up.
  • Enjoy the stone staircase long descent from Chhomrong to

Our Guests Sharing Experience About Annapurna base camp trek



Nepal is known for the great trails of the Himalayas. People from around the world come to trek the different Himalayas of Nepal. ABC and Everest base camp are some of the high trek mountains here. Annapurna has many small peaks of more than 30 peaks in which seventeen peaks of height over 7000 meters. You can also get a breathtaking view of mountains like including Hiunchuli (6,441m), Gangapurna (7485m), Annapurna III (7855m), and Machhapuchhre (6993m). It is situated at an altitude of 4160 meters from sea level. Interestingly Trekking to ABC is a delighting experience.

Annapurna Base camp trek 10 Days

The Annapurna base camp trek 10 days itinerary is suitable for the more time holder trekkers and wanted to do more way with ensuring the s proper acclimatization by limiting gain in daily altitude.  Furthermore, we can cover Ghandruk village and Poon hill also in 10 days time frame, So that you can enjoy the full part of Annapurna base camp in 10 days. This amazing journey takes you through the scenic beauty of the Himalayas and its landscapes, ethnic villages where you will trek 10 to 18 km per day and the route covers approximately 115 km.

Annapurna base camp trek 5 days itinerary:

Day 01 – Pokhara drive to Sewi and trekking to Chhomrong 2170 m.

Max Altitude: 2170 m
Trekking Duration: 6/7 hrs
Total Distance covered: 19km
On the first day of the trek, we will have early breakfast in the morning in the Pokhara hotel. Then our guide will briefly describe our trekking destinations and the itinerary. Then we head towards Sewi from Nayapul and Bhretkhani. The total distance that takes to Sewi is 37 km drive on the blacktopped road and 14 km off-road.
After reaching Sewi, the major part of the trek starts to Chhomrong. On the way to our trails, we will encounter beautiful villages such as Kyumi, New Bridge, and JhinuDanda. The trekking trail from Sewi to JhinguDanda encloses specific ups and downs while the last part of the path to Chhomrong is steep. This makes the average trekkers challenging to walk.

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You will reach JhinguDanda by crossing the High suspension bridge connecting JhinguDandaand Simroong. This 2 hrs journey from Sewi to JhinuDanda will take you to a height of 400m.
You can enjoy the Hot spring pool at the JhinguDanda.
On the first itinerary day of the ABC trek, you will encounter marvelous views of sparkling mountains such as Annapurna South, Himchuli, Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Annapurna I/II/III/IV, and many more.
Colorful hills and greenery, hot springs, various green vegetation, traditional houses, and beautiful terrace farming are the major attraction of this Day.
The day one trek ends in Chhomrong.
Accommodation: Tea House
Meals: Lunch + Dinner

Day 02

– Trek to Himalayan from Chhromong, Maximum altitude 2920 meters.

Trekking Duration: 6-8 hrs
Distance covered: 15 km
The day starts with a delicious breakfast in Chhomrong while enjoying the early morning views of stunning sunrise and spectacular mountains.
The Day 2 trekking trail will commence from the downhill along the stone-paved road following the Chhrongriver. While accomplishing this trail, we bypass various beautiful villages of Chhomong as well as decorated tea houses, wholesale shops, and bakery. You can buy your necessities from the wholesale shop and stay at the tea house for a rest.

After having rest, we walk along the steel suspension bridge and reach the elevation of 2360m of HillTop village called Sinuwa. The long and gradually inclined trail towards the Hilltop village is a challenging task for many travelers. It takes approximately 2/3 hrs to reach Sinuwa, which is marked as the longest uphill on the whole trekking period.

From Sinwa, the trail goes a little up, followed by gradual downward, and reaches to next stop of the Short ABC Trekking trail, which is known as Bamboo. At Bamboo, we are served a delicious lunch. After having lunch, the trekking trail goes along the small stop of Dobhan (2600m) and finally reached the Himalayan that concludes the trek for Day 2.
You will feel like heaven walking in between the greenery environments, surrounded by majestic peaks and breathtaking natural beauty.
• Accommodation: Tea House
• Meals: Lunch + Dinner + Breakfast

Day 03

– Trek to Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) from Himalaya.

Max. Altitude: 4130m
Trekking Duration: 6-8 hrs
Distance covered:12 km

The easy 1-day trek leads you to the lap of the Himalayas. Day 3 of the Short ABC trek is the most accessible one and the major part of the trekking journey. From Himalaya, we pass along the trekking trail that leads to Deurali (3200m), followed by Machhapuchhre Base Camp(MBC). The trekking trail is most comfortable on this day as most of the path is gradually incline makes it easy to walk. After the easy 8 hrs trek, you will reach Annapurna Base Camp.

MBC is not considered as the actual base camp as Machhepuchhre is recognized as the sacred mountain of Nepal.
After reaching MBC, you will have a Lunch while enjoying the dazzling peaks such as Annapurna Himalayan Ranges, Ganga Purna, Annapurna III/II, Fishtail, Himchuli, Annapurna south, and many more.

The itinerary of Day 3 of the Short ABC trekking trail will gain an elevation of 1200 m.
The perfectly brightest gain peaks will surround you at ABC. Tent peak, SinguChuli, BharaShikar, and Annapurna I are some of the other mountains you can observe from ABC. The views of the mountains will be beyond your expectations and melt your heart for sure.
Apart from this, Annapurna Glaciers behind the tea house, smiling sunset views over the fishtail, and awesome snow-capped mountains add more joy to your journey and make your short ABC Trek picturesque and memorable.

• Accommodation: Tea House
• Meals: Lunch + Dinner + Breakfast

Day 04

– Trek back to Lower Sinuwa (Bhunwa).

Max Altitude: 4130m
Activity Duration: 8-10 hrs
Distance covered: 24km
You will observe the splendid sunrise view over Mt. Annapurna on the beautiful morning of ABC. Undoubtedly, the day will offer you an awesome surrounding view full of vibrant energy.
You cannot get enough of it. Not only this, but you can also observe the dynamic views of 360 panoramas of giant peaks. The trekking trails start to descend towards the Sinuwa, finally concluding the 4th-day trekking.
You will have your breakfast at Machhapuchre Base Camp and head towards Annapurna Base Camp. The trek goes via a wide path
• Accommodation: Tea House
• Meals: Lunch + Dinner + Breakfast


Day 05

– Trek back to Pokhara from Bhunwa.

Trekking hours: 7-9
Max. Altitude: 2100m

After reaching the destination, now we descend the trekking trails. Nevertheless, there are many things left to enjoy, which we will accomplish on the way back to Pokhara.
On this last day, having a delightful breakfast enjoying the smiling glimpse of the Himalayas is the most enjoyable moment and a way to feel what heaven looks like.
On the downward trek of 6 hrs, we will trek through beautiful villages bypassing luxurious tea houses, beautiful forests, and crystal Clear River.
We will enjoy our last lunch of the trip to the beautiful village of Chhomrong and hike to Sewi.
From Sewi, we catch a jeep and starts our drive towards Pokhara via Birethanti and Nayapul
• Meals: Lunch + Breakfast

poon hill trek

Machhapuchhre Base Camp and Annapurna Base Camp in a single trek

As most of the trek is only targeted to a single base camp but this trek target two base camp i.e. Annapurna base camp and Machhapuchhre base camp. The route to Annapurna sanctuary goes through the Machhapuchhre base camp. From the Machhapuchhre base camp, you can get the view of all-mountain in the Annapurna range. At first, the route leads to the Machhapuchhre base camp and then to the Annapurna base camp

Peace and calm environment of Annapurna sanctuary

As mentioned about Annapurna region in Nepal is untouched by modernization. The environment of the Annapurna sanctuary is very calm and peaceful. You can hear birds chirping from the forest. The view of the blue river flowing from the mountains is gorgeous. The entire trek is full of green grassland and lovely Gurung people. You can enjoy the real beauty of nature during the Annapurna sanctuary trek.

Total Budget of the Trek

Budget is an important component that can create difficulty while trekking. You must manage your budget before the trek. You will also have to carry extra cash during the trek.  The price of the hotels and food will be expensive as you gain altitude in the Annapurna sanctuary trek.  The price of goods is about tripled more to the normal price.  To reduce budget you can transport the good through porter. The price of the hotel and food also depends on the time you travel. If you travel during the peak seasons like spring and autumn then the price will be more. But if you trek during winters and monsoon season the price is quite low and you might also get a discount during the holiday season like Christmas. ATM facility is not available in the Annapurna sanctuary trek you will always have to carry cash.

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Visit the Machhapuchhre (fishtail) base camp

Visitings Fishtail base camp is the main highlight of our Annapurna base camp trek 7 days. We make overnight stay at this base of mount Fishtail with a great view. we can also see the breathtaking scenery and great view of sunrise and sunset. This camp is also a preparation day for the next day hiking to Annapurna base camp. Some trekkers directly go to base camp after having a lunch stop here but as per the altitude matter better to stay here.

Enjoy the Magnificent Mountain view

The best thing we will get in memory for this trek is an amazing view of the sunrise. Every age of travelers can visit Nepal and get a mountain view. Are you planning to travel to Nepal in the year 2021? Then a big congratulation to you. You made an absolutely right decision. Annapurna region also provides a diverse terrain, vegetation, wildlife, and dynamic culture.

Clearly, You will get a chance to get close insights into nature and its components. Mainly, Gurung and Sherpa are the major inhabitants of the Annapurna region. While Annapurna base camp trek, We can know their culture and local tradition. Along the route, trekking will be all surrounded by serene landscapes and spectacular environments, charming Gurung and Magar villages. Walking in a beautiful rhododendron forest, alpine meadows, and small Bamboo trees. Additionally. The path of Annapurna base camp takes us through Machhapuchhre base camp. We will take a night at MBC to enjoy the view and get up the next day morning to ABC to catch the sunrise ray or we can also spend overnight at Annapurna base camp. The trek also all depends on your fitness level and interest.

This route involves many pleasurable short treks such as Poon Hill, Dhampus, and Landruk route, trek via Ghandruk village and You can also explore many other places which are filled with exceptional natural beauty.

Explore Amazing Pokhara valley

You will be starting your trek to Annapurna base camp trek from Pokhara valley. Pokhara valley is one of the most beautiful places in Nepal because it is also a major tourist destination. 8 beautiful lakes and many caves. Phewa Lake is one of the famous places of Pokhara. Pokhara is the city that never sleeps, the night ride of Pokhara is just mind-blowing. Pokhara is known for its ancient caves some of the caves in Pokhara are Mahindra Cave, Chamera Cave, Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave, etc. besides this Pokhara is the most developed city in Nepal.

Enjoy the natural hot spring at Jhinu danda

The route to Annapurna base camp trek goes through the natural Hots spring nearby Jhinu Dadha. Many of the trekkers take this way while trekking back to Pokhara. Bathing in a natural hot spring will take away all your stress and tiredness from the trek. In addition to this, it is believed that the water of the spring has a special quality of healing pains and aches. Hot spring also has a huge religious aspect. Hence, it is said that the water of a hot spring cleans your soul spiritually.

Diverse fauna and flora

Annapurna base camp trek is filled with natural beauty. One of the most important and largest conservation centers of Nepal “Annapurna Conservation Area” falls on the Annapurna base camp area. And, This area is very rich in biodiversity and a terrific variety of wildlife. A survey shows that is a home of r 1,226 species of a flowering plant. We can explore the unique 105 mammals, 518 birds, 40 reptiles, and 23 amphibians. Besides that, many rare animals like the snow leopard, the red panda are protected in their natural environment. Also, many endangered snow animals are conserved here.

A mesmerizing view of the Annapurna Mountain range

The most famous place for the mesmerizing view of sunrise and sunset Poon Hill also falls on the route of the region. You can get a terrific view of the sun rising from the middle of the high Snow Mountains. this trekking provides you the best view of mountains like Dhaulagiri (8,167m/26,795ft), Machhapuchhre (6,993 m/22,943ft), and Gangapurna (7,455m/24,459ft). Lamjung Himal, Annapurna South, Annapurna1 8,091 m (26,545 ft), Annapurna 2, 7,937 m (26,040 ft) Annapurna 3, 7,555 m (24,786 ft)  The Annapurna 4, 7,525 m (24,688 ft) range of Mount Manaslu region 8,163 metres (26,781 ft)

Annapurna base camp trek in Winter  December, January, February.

If you are a professional trekker and wanted to enjoy walking in the snow then this is the best time for this trek. While you are walking the trail is moments surrounded by snowy mountains under the crystal clear sky. There is with no doubt, the wintertime of the month is perfect for you. Some people also say that the winter season is not good as the weather is cold. Although the path is open throughout the year we only need to be careful in winter of the avalanches. Many challenge trekkers traveler enjoy this off-season trip engulfing the heavenly feeling of being near the sparkling high mountain views. Although The wintertime is not as much popular as the other 2 main seasons of Autumn and Spring of Annapurna base camp trek.

The places around the Annapurna base camp trek will also be icy as the temperature goes below 0C and can be as low as -10C. I am resisting most of the visitors to trek due to unfavorable weather conditions. Moreover, for that traveler, the benefits outweigh the obstacles. The main benefit of trekking at this time is transparent skies with no rainfall at all. Cheaper accommodation and less crowded trails are other attractive factors to travel to at this time. Last but not least, the dazzling and wonderfully beautiful views of Eye-catching Mt Annapurna, Mt Dhaulagiri, and Mt Machhapuchhre portray the best’s aspects among all the seasons.

The weather of Annapurna Base Camp trek in winter is pretty cold, with an average min temperature of -22C and avg max temperature of 4C. Usually, the daytime temperatures can range between 9-12°C, and evenings can drop to below zero. Although Mornings are typically filled with fog, and sparkling rays of sunlight can only be seen after 8 A.M. Along the trail, we can view the awesome of Rhododendrons making the forest colorful. Rhododendron, as well as other lovely flowers, begin to bloom at the end of winter, alluring trekkers in every possible way.

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Benefits of Trekking ABC in December to February, winter

• Stunning mountains view as the sky is crystal clear.  Best suits for nighttime photography. We are witnessing rich cultural diversity.
• Best time to grab the off-seasons discount on accommodation and flight fare. There will not be much crowd at this time. Hence you can also enjoy your journey to the fullest.
• In December, you can involve in the Christmas Celebration.
• In January, you can grab a unique opportunity to celebrate Nepalese New Year.

Disadvantages of Trekking ABC from December to February, winter

• Due to shorter days and longer nights, you cannot cover most of the distance in the daytime. You might encounter snow at the lowest elevation of 2500m, due to winter storms makes your trek journey to halt.
• There will not be a pretty low number of teahouses and lodges. You must adjust to whatever available. You could be prone to Acute Mountain Sickness due to cold weather conditions.
• By the end of December, the weather gets worsening, making harsh weather and difficult for trekkers.

Annapurna Base Camp Luxury Trek

Are you looking to stay at a comfort lodge during the trek then this is the best option? Not all the places but down part of the trek has a good tea house lodge with more facilities. Do you ever feel equally thrilling and wonderful lying in the lap of nature? Well, Annapurna Luxury Trek is especially for providing a lifetime experience to luxurious tour seekers. We will pass by small hamlets and streams that invite you to swim, a breathtaking view of Himalayan peaks, taking a bath in a natural hot spring, and also staying in luxury lodges. A day walks along the high hills enjoying nature’s beauty with the right combination of luxury accommodation to relieve you all pain and stress is truly a heavenly feeling. You will feel more relaxed in those luxurious facilities. As a result, get a crystal clear view of snow-capped mountains

Enjoy taking Hot baths at the hot spring in the Modhi Riverbank of JhinuDanda. Spend your quality time in Pokhara and Phewa Lake. Also the Davis Fall, Shanti Stupa (World Peace Pagoda), Gupteshwor Cave, and Mahendra Cave. Enjoy the Snowy surroundings on the way to the Annapurna Base Camp trek. afterward, take breathtaking sunrise views from Poonhill. WE can make the best luxury travel holiday in Nepal, Get the 360-degree panorama of the mountain ranges of Manaslu, Lamjung, and Annapurna Himal. Visit Tadapani, a place to watch the tower in the village.

Moderate level of trekking

Despite being the 10th highest mountain trekking to Annapurna base camp is not that hard and moderate level of the trek. You do not need to attend any advanced level training. However, physical training and hiking experience would help you to ease the trek. But you need to be physically and mentally fit for trekking this place. People of any age can trek to Annapurna base camp trek as long as they are fit and healthy. In comparison to other trekking places, the Annapurna base camp trek is at a lower risk of altitude sickness. Though the route is somehow uphill and downhill, this trek is doable and not that hard to walk.

Equipment Packing idea

Packing for the trek before trekking is very important. During trekking, any long-distance trek your feet are the most important part of your While you are on any trekking of NEapl carry enough and needed clothes are necessary. During trekking, any long-distance trek your feet are the most important part of your body so taking good care of your feet while trekking is a must. Annapurna base camp trekking route involves the rocky and hard trail. . So you will need to have a pair of trekking boots for this trek. Another important matter also you need to consider is to have water-purifying tablets and water bottles for your Annapurna base camp trek. Keeping your body hydrated is very important and drinking tap water is not safe so you should carry purifying tablets is necessary. Along with these things some cash, a waterproof down jacket, and sleeping bags are some gear that you will need to have before trekking.

Be prepared for any problems that come on the way

The main problem while trekking to high-altitude places is altitude sickness. Altitude sickness is a common problem while Annapurna base camp trek. So you need to be prepare before trekking. You should be comfortable with the outdoor world, as the environment of the mountain region is comparatively different and hard. You should be prepared for bugs, dirt, baby wipe showers, and going to the toilet outdoor.

If you are trekking in a peak season then you may have to share your room with fellow trekkers in hotels. The upper part of the trek has a limited lodge and guest house. You may have to stay in a teahouse with small places and need to share the room with others. Electricity is available in the Annapurna region but sometimes power can cut so better you can carry a power bank with you.

Let us make the best plan together to make your journey wonderful. There might be many queries revolving around your head about the trip to Nepal. This article will help to clear all your doubts related to the trip to ABC. We will discuss the climatic condition, temperature, best time to visit ABC, Safety, costs of traveling ABC, risk, and difficulty trekking to Annapurna Base Camp.

Annapurna base camp trek cost

Trekking to Annapurna base camp price ranges from USD 590 to USD 1080 for an average of 7 days to 12 days trekking. Furthermore, if you take a flight to Pokhara it cost you on top of that USD 100 each way. The package covers the transportation, all permits, lodges accommodation, your trekking guide, and porter with also their meals. Your accommodation and daily meals, service charges, and taxes.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek – Trip Info

Duration: ( 07 Days from Pokhara to Pokhara )

Max. Altitude: Annapurna Base Camp (4130m/13550ft)

When to Travel: February to May, September – Mid December are the best seasons.  During the winter months from December to Mid February, it is cold and can be snow on the trail, July & August are rainy times, trekking can be done, but visibility can be poor due to rain.

Trip Details: 07 days, 6 nights Lodges, Breakfast lunch, and dinner during the trek.

Our trek dates: We can offer this trek on any dates during the months Feb, March, April, May, June, Sept, Oct, November, and December for a group of 2 to 12 people.

Trek Grade: Moderate


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