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Temporary visa solutions

Take the opportunity to live and work in Australia where you’ll experience our amazing relaxed lifestyle, our incredible weather and an unsurpassed opportunity to grow your skills.

As a truly multicultural country, Australia welcomes people from all around the world, however obtaining a visa to live and work here, even for a short time, can be challenging without sound advice. In most cases, you will need to demonstrate that you have skills and experience which is in demand and currently not readily available in Australia.

The Ayers Group has assisted international workers to come to Australia for many years and as one of few companies to be approved by the Department of Home Affairs (Immigration) to on-hire workers, we have a clear understanding of what it takes to acquire a temporary visa.

We can assess your application and provide pre-approval in writing within 24 hours so that you can reassure prospective clients of your arrival in the country.

With honesty and accuracy, we can then prepare, lodge and manage your visa application on your behalf.

The 482 visa processing times vary, but once approved for sponsorship with a temporary visa via the Ayers Group you will be free to take on contracts as and where you wish, and we will simply manage your administration and ensure your compliance with Australian legislation. We can also assist you to maximise your earnings with salary sacrificing and car novated leasing.

Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa Subclass 482 (formerly 457)

If you are a professional with highly developed skills you may be able to acquire a temporary skilled shortage (TSS) visa subclass 482.

Formerly known as the 457 visas, the 482 visa conditions enable you to live and work in Australia for up to four years.

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Applying for this visa can be challenging as you do need to have an approved employer to sponsor your visa application and the specified skill set is subject to change.

As one of few companies to be approved by the Department of Home Affairs (Immigration) to on-hire overseas professionals, the Ayers Group may be able to hire you as an employee, which will enable you to take on contracts as and where you wish.

The Ayers Group can assess your application and, if applicable, provide a letter of pre-approval within 24 hours so that you can assure potential clients of your ability to work long term in Australia for them.

Our experts in migration services can guide you through the application process, then lodge and manage your application on your behalf.

Our four-step streamlined visa process makes your application simple:

  • Step 1. We assess and /or pre-approve your application
  • Step 2. You obtain a job offer
  • Step 3. We collect necessary documents and exchange contracts with you and your client.
  • Step 4. Upon approval of your visa, you commence work!

Want us to take the hassle out of the application process, then lodge and manage your application?


What are the eligibility requirements to apply for a 482 visa?

To apply for a 482 visa, you must be nominated for a position on the Skilled Occupations List, and demonstrate the qualifications and work experience required to perform the position. You may also need to pass an English language proficiency test. Additionally, you may need to undergo a health examination and arrange for health insurance coverage for the entirety of your period of stay. 

How long does a TSS visa take to fully lodge?

The time to fully lodge a TSS visa can vary based on the stream chosen and the specifics of your individual application, including whether or not you already have a sponsored job offer, a health examination and any required licenses and registrations. Ayers Group’s consultants will work closely with you to prepare your application in the shortest period of time possible. 

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After submission, processing time by the Department of Home Affairs varies. 75% of applicants to the short-term stream have their case processed within 38 days, while 75% of applicants to the medium-term stream are processed in 29 days. Labour agreement stream applications are generally resolved faster, with 75% of applicants processed in 15 days. 

Is there a difference between a 457 and a 482 visa?

The 482 visa replaced the 457 visa as the predominant short-term working visa. The primary differences between the 457 and the 482 visa are that the 482 visa has two streams – one for short-term visas and another for medium-term visas – and that only occupations listed on the Skilled Occupations List are eligible for the visa. 


  • Depending on your nominated occupation, you may be eligible for two two-year 482 visas applied for onshore with no pathway to PR. Alternatively, if your occupation is on the MLTSSL, you have no restrictions on the time you can spend in Australia. 

  • The English language requirement for the 482 visa is significantly more stringent than that for the 457 visa. 

  • Employers looking to sponsor a 482 visa-holder must provide evidence that there is no eligible Australian worker who can fulfil this role – a process referred to as Labour Market Testing. 

  • The minimum length of time a visa-holder must be employed by an employer before applying for permanent residency has been raised from two years under the 457 visa to three years under the 482 visa. Only visa holders whose nominated occupation is on the MLTSSL are eligible for PR. Ayers is not able to sponsor visa holders directly via either the Direct Entry or Temporary Residence Transition pathway under the ENS Subclass 186.

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Is a skills assessment required for a 482 visa?

In some cases, a skills assessment will be required for a 482 visa application. Depending on the nature of your role, this assessment will either be conducted by Trades Recognition Australia or VETASSESS. Even where not mandatory, the Department of Home Affairs has the power to request a skills assessment. 

In all other cases, applicants will still be required to demonstrate that they hold the necessary skills and experience to perform their nominated role. Evidence accepted includes qualification certificates, required registrations, employment references and your CV. 

How long is a 482 visa valid for?

A 482 visa is valid up to a maximum period of four years, but can vary depending on the stream chosen. 

The short-term stream is initially valid for a period of two years, or four years if an International Trade Obligation applies International Trade Obligations do not apply if you are applying via the OHLA. They only apply where a standard business sponsor is sponsoring you directly. 

The medium-term stream is valid for a period of up to four years and in theory there is no limit on how many visas can be granted. 

The labour agreement stream is valid for a period of up to four years depending on the terms of the labour agreement. You may be permitted to stay longer should your employer make a new successful application.

In some cases, the 482 visa can lead to permanent residency in Australia.

Medium-stream 482 visa holders are eligible to apply for permanent residency after three years of employment with their sponsor employee. This is not applicable where the visa holder has been sponsored under an OHLA.

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