10 Spas in Vietnam to Rejuvenate Your Weary Soul

The healing and medicinal traditions of Vietnam may not be as renowned as those of China, Thailand or India. But they are rightly robust in their foundations. Across various spas in Vietnam, both local and exotic, the many traditional herbs and medicinal preparations are incorporated. Tourists to Vietnam and locals alike have been astounded by the instant effectiveness and lasting effects of the various styles of therapy which can be experienced across the country.

Here is a list of some amazing spas in Vietnam –

1. Heart of the Earth (Four Seasons Resort)

This spa is owned by the Four Seasons Resort, The Nam Hai in Hoi An. It has been named the Best Emotional Recovery Space and honoured as one of the Five Best Spas in the World. They have a signature ritual by the name of Nam Hai Earth Song, which is a two-and-a-half-hour experience of utter bliss. It includes aura-cleansing, a body scrub, a full-body massage, and a tension-releasing activity. Apart from this, they have various spa options and private retreats. 

Address: Block Ha My Dong B, Dien Duong Ward Dien Ban Town, Quang Nam Province, Dien Ban
Price: Starting from 94,81,865 VND (USD 410)

2. Six Senses Spa 

The location of this spa itself is a divine experience. In their words, this is ‘the ultimate illusionist island escape’. Situated on rock formations on the edge of the East Vietnam Sea, this spa has various private villas and spa retreats. They use traditional Vietnamese practices along with local body treatments to rejuvenate the body and mind. They have a horde of options for spa treatments and therapies, from rock pool retreats to jungle hideaways. 

Address: Ninh Van Bay, Ninh Van, Ninh Hoa
Price: Starting from 8094275 VND (USD 350)

3. Park Hyatt Spa (Xuan Spa)

The treatments at Xuan Spa are inspired by the practices and biodiversity of the Mekong Delta. ‘Xuan’ translates to ‘spring’ in Vietnamese, and truly- with their fusion of traditional Vietnamese medicine and botanical expertise, the feeling of estival spring dawns on the guest. They also have a personalized service option, with consultation and self-selection of aromatherapy oils. Along with that, their exquisite outdoor pool is quintessential for extending your relaxation period. 

Address: Lam Son Square District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Timings: 10 AM to 11.30 PM
Price: Starting from 1618855 VND (USD 70)

4. The Spa (Reverie Saigon)

Amidst the buzzing Ho Chi Minh City, The Spa is the ultimate place to revitalize. The treatments of this spa are a blend of Southeast Asian traditions and Western aromatherapy techniques. They have 12 private treatment rooms, beauty and hair salons, and steam and sauna facilities. They merge luxury and nature with their exquisite treatments and outdoor swimming pools. 

Address: Nguyen Hue 6th Floor, Ho Chi Minh City
Timings: According to your stay
Price: Starting from 6244155 VND (USD 270)

5. MF Boutique Spa and Wellness

With an outdoor jacuzzi at the heart of the city, MF Boutique and Spa is ne plus ultra in its cosmopolitan therapies and treatments. They use traditional healing practices to provide packages such as foot massage, hot stone massage, Swedish massage, MF special massage, Traditional Vietnamese massage, etc. It’s the perfect place to take a short break from exploring Hanoi and revitalize with original Korean cosmetics and products.

Address: Hang Bong, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
Timings: 9 AM to 11 PM
Price: Starting from 1271957 VND (USD 55)

6. Thann Sanctuary Spa at Pullman Saigon Hotel and Resorts

If you’re a fan of natural therapies, the Thann Sanctuary Spa is the place to be. They have expert massage therapists with certificates proving their knowledge and experience in massage, anatomy, and aromatherapy. They use their own products for treatments and have practices such as five senses therapy and seven chakras therapy for physical and mental relaxation.

Address: Tran Hung Dao St,  Pullman Saigon Centre Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City
Timings: 10 AM to 10 PM
Price: Starting from 1387590 VND (USD 60)

7. Hanoi Serene Spa

Hanoi Serene Spa is another exemplary place for a quick yet effective relaxing experience in the city of Hanoi. They have private rooms and specialty suites for their guests and use natural herbal remedies for treatments. Some of their packages are Serene Golden Signature Therapy, Deep Muscular Therapy, Aromatherapy, Luxury four hands, Serene hot stone massage, etc. You can have a quick 30-minute session or spend up to 2 hours for a deep and peaceful experience of bliss. 

Address: Ma May Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
Timings: 9 AM to 11 PM
Price: Starting from 323771 VND (USD 14)

8. Golden Rose Spa 


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Golden Rose Spa is famous for having special facilities to accommodate kids and pregnant women. So, if you’re travelling with little children and you want a peaceful afternoon, Golden Rose Spa is downright perfect. They have packages like hot stone massage, Vietnamese massage, Golden Rose massage, medium and strong body therapy, head-to-toe therapy, etc. The facilitators here are known for their extensive knowledge and experience with massages and aromatherapy. 

Address: Phan Dinh Phung, Hoi An
Timings: 10 AM to 10 PM
Price: Starting from 323771 VND (USD 14)

9. Citrus Health Spa

Citrus Health is the go-to spa for a rejuvenating day in the city of Hoi An. The best part is that they facilitate pick up and drop off from their premises free of charge. They use 100% natural products with holistic healing elements and even provide refreshing drinks at the beginning and end of your treatment. The environment here is amicable, fresh, and healthy. They also give personalized bamboo straws to their guests. 

Address: Ly Thai To, Hoi An
Timings: 10 AM to 7 PM
Price: Starting from 462530 VND (USD 20)

10. Wellness and Spa Retreat at Amanoi Resort

The Aman Spa at the Amanoi resort is located in Vinh Hai, on the waterside of a lake with lotus blooms. They have two exclusive spa houses, accommodating only 5 guests at a time. You can choose to be in the forest house or the lake house, and either way, you’ll be treated with a private Turkish bath, a steam room, an icy plunge pool, and much more. They provide tailored treatments by a doctor, followed by Vietnamese massage in your room. 

Address: Vinh Hai Commune, Ninh Hai District, Vinh Hai
Timings: According to your stay
Price: Starting from 32377100 VND (USD 1400)

While this is certainly not the most exhaustive list, we made sure to pick out some of the most popular spas in Vietnam. Let us know down in the comment section below, if you have visited any of these spas!!

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While this is certainly not the most exhaustive list, we made sure to pick out some of the most popular spas in Vietnam. Let us know down in the comment section below, if you have visited any of these spas!!

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